How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger 1

The Ford Ranger is a popular little truck – but the keyword here is little. If you are used to more height, but like the truck’s feel and structure, there may be an answer. Lifting trucks is the process of modifying the truck’s suspension to allow it to accommodate larger then factory issued tires, raising the body of your vehicle higher from the ground.

You may be asking yourself how much does it cost to live a Ford Ranger? The simple answer is anywhere between $400 to $8,000.

There are a few reasons for the price discrepancy here, ranging from the parts needed, the lift kit used, other parts, and if you do it yourself or hire professionals. The best way to figure out the best way for you to do it is to know the answers to the below questions.


Can you lift a Ford Ranger?

The short answer is yes. You can lift a Ford Ranger. There are plenty of reasons people may be looking to do so, but the resulting solution is the same. It is not only possible, but most Ranger fans will tell you that if you lift your Ranger, you will never go back.

Ford Ranger 1

If you are a fan of off-roading, this question is a natural one you ask when you look at vehicles. However, even if you will be using your truck mainly on the roads of your neighborhood, lifting your Ford Ranger will still do nothing but enhance your ride.

What are my options when it comes to lifting a Ford Ranger?

There are a few options to choose from once you have decided to lift your Ford Ranger. First, you have to determine what kind of lift kit you are looking to use on your vehicle. There are two significant kinds of lift kits: a body lift or a suspension lift kit. These kits both do the same thing. They do it in different ways.

Body Lift

If you choose the body lift, this kit works by lifting the truck’s actual body using different parts like spacers and shackles, maybe U-bolts. These kits come in many different heights and are favored by those looking to lift their truck without changing the way your Ranger handles. They are also easier to install and often are on the lower side of pricing.

Suspension Lift

This is the choice for anyone looking to use their truck for serious off-roading. Though more expensive and often more time-consuming to perform, suspension lifts are going to make your vehicle able to go over the worst ground conditions. They use parts to lift the vehicle in the suspension system, upgrading other components to help the Ranger have a higher clearance and ride, making it usable for on-and-off-roading.

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Both kinds of lift kits come in multiple sizes, and the Ford Ranger 3-inch lift kit and Ford Ranger 4-inch lift kits are quite popular. Once you have decided which kind of lift you want to install on your truck, you can determine what size.

The body lift is easier for a DIYer, especially one that is okay at most things but not overly great at intricate vehicle work. If you are looking to really spend money and completely transform your Ford Ranger, going for the suspension lift hiring professionals to install it.

What is the best lift kit for a Ford Ranger?

You have many options when it comes to picking out the lift kit to install on your Ranger.

A good blue for money lift kit is available from Supreme Suspensions. Their Ford Ranger full lift kit is adjustable to between 1″ and 2″ at the front and 2″ at the rear. This kit is suitable for Ford Ranger models manufactured between 1997 and 2012.

Supreme Suspensions Ford Ranger Lift Kit

It can be a DIY job if you have access to a torsion bar puller or gear puller and expect the install to take up to 4 hours. There may be a need to modify or grind the plates on your Ford Ranger model if they have a smaller factory retaining plate. Overall, this is a great kit for increasing ground clearance.

What is a Ford Ranger leveling kit, and how much do they cost?

A leveling kit differs from a lifting kit. While the lift kit lifts the entire truck’s entire height, a leveling kit is meant to add height to the vehicle’s front to make it a level height from back to front.

Torch Ford Ranger Front Strut Levlling Kit

A great example of this kind of kit is the 2.5″ levelling lift kit from Torch. This is a bolt-on kit that consist of front strut spacers that lift the from by 2.5″. The Torch kit will fit both 2WD and 4WD Ford Ranger models from 2019 onwards. This should be a straightforward mod for a competent DIY-er and full instructions are included in the kit.

Kit Deciding Factors Decide Price

If you wonder how much it costs to lift a ford ranger, remember that all of these factors will play into the total cost you are looking at for your vehicle. Knowing precisely what you are planning to do with your lifted truck will likely be the most significant factor in these decisions.