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How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Ford Explorer?

How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Ford Explorer?

The Ford Explorer might not the obvious choice for off-roading but it still a worthwhile vehicle to consider as both the parts and used models are fairly cheap to buy. If you are going down the off road or overlanding route, then you might want to consider a lift kit.

So, how much does it cost to lift a Ford Explorer? You are probably not going to get much change out of $1,000 as a decent lift kit will cost around $800. You can always fir this yourself but you need to budget more if you are going down the professional installation route.

For more details on how much does it cost to lift a Ford Explorer, read on below.


Can you lift a Ford Explorer?

The simple answer is yes! The Ford Explorer is a great SUV, and when looking at the variety of vehicles that benefit from a lift, the Ford Explorer is undoubtedly one of them. A lift is not only about making your ride look better but about giving it improved practicality. It gives you better clearance, a more comfortable riding experience and extra room for your load to settle.

Lifted Ford Explorer

Your options when it comes to lifting a Ford Explorer

There are several options when it comes to lifting your Ford Explorer. You could either get a body lift kit, a suspension lift kit or a combination of both. And besides these options, you could also get your Explorer leveled with a leveling kit. Costs will vary accordingly.

For a body lift, you’ll need a body lift kit that will raise the body of your Explorer away from its frame. If clearance is what you want from your Explorer, a body lift is the least expensive option for you to achieve that. The kit will cost you around $100- $750 and is easy to install by yourself. It’ll give you the space you need for bigger wheels and tires, giving your vehicle a maximum lift of between 3 and 5 inches. The trade-off is you will not get as much clearance as you would if you did a suspension lift.

As for a suspension lift, it’s going to give you a whole lot more clearance than a body lift – a maximum of 9 inches and beyond. There are several risks, however, as your truck’s center of gravity is raised and on-road handling may be compromised. It is also going to cost you much more than a body lift. This is because you’ll have to make significant changes to your truck’s steering and suspension. A suspension kit will cost you around $300- $2000 and will be challenging to install by yourself. It would be worthwhile looking to hire a mechanic instead, although this will bump up your overall expenditure.

A leveling kit is going to give your suspension a slight lift. Combine this with a body lift, and your truck is going to be given a proper lift without having to spend on a pricey suspension lift kit. Moreover, you’re left with money enough to spend on bigger new tires as well!

For instance, a very good quality suspension lift kit is going to cost you around $1,700. But if you opt for a combination of a leveling kit and body lift kit, it’s only going to cost you about $800.

What is the best lift kit for a Ford Explorer?

When it comes to lifting your Ford Explorer, then it’s well worth just buying a complete kit that includes all components and any fitting accessories, you just need to find the tools and a few spare hours (or a friendly local mechanic). There are a few specialist 4×4 retailers out there including Morris 4×4, who provide suspension lift kits specifically for the Ford Explorer.

One good option is the Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit with Premium Shocks and Rear Lifted Leaf Springs for a great price of around $730. This kit is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for a Ford Explorer. The kit will give you an increased ground clearance with its great quality coil springs and level your vehicle’s front with its rear.


Also, its Radius Arm Drop Brackets are going to give your Explorer a properly set caster. A caster’s quality can make or break your vehicle’s lifting so having a proper caster is non-negotiable. This will also ensure that your vehicle retains its original driving quality and handling.


Lifting your Ford Explorer has its pros and cons. But whatever kind of lift you’re looking for, hopefully now you’ve got a good idea of what each will entail. The Rough Country 4” Suspension Lift Kit is an excellent option for lifting your vehicle without spending too much but retaining all your Explorer’s original ride and handling quality while enjoying the benefits of good clearance for off-roading or overlanding.