How Many Miles Can a Ford F150 Last? Are They Reliable?

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Ford cars often have a reputation for being reliable vehicles. For those that want a car to last a long while, then Ford is often the best route to go down.

So, how many miles can a Ford F150 last?. Well, on average, a Ford F150 should last somewhere between 100,000 and 300,000 miles. A lot of this will be dependent on how the vehicle is actually driven.

It is worth noting that the length of time that the Ford F150 lasts will be based on the engine. Everything else in the vehicle will continue to work long past the 300,000-mile mark. As a result, all that needs to be done to keep the Ford F150 on the road is an engine rebuild near the end of the engine’s service life. While this may cost a small amount of money, it will be far cheaper than completely replacing the vehicle.


Is a Ford F150 reliable?

Of course, it isn’t just a case of wondering ‘how many miles can a Ford F150 last’, a driver will also need to know that it is going to be reliable when it is being driven.

Many people report that the Ford F150 is an incredibly reliable vehicle. Many people that have driven the Ford F150 have barely encountered an issue with it. In fact, there are many reports of the vehicle continue to thrive way past 300,000-miles. Of course, it woulöd still be worth having a service carried out on the vehicle at this point, but it does go to show just how reliable the truck actually is.

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This is a vehicle that is capable of carrying heavy loads for years on end. This is why Ford is constantly producing the Ford F150. It is a vehicle that many truck owners genuinely love.

If a Ford F150 owner does run into any issues with their vehicle, they will be pleased to know that Ford is a fantastic company when it comes to spare parts. It shouldn’t take that much effort to get the vehicle fixed. The costs of their spare parts are incredibly low too. This means that as the vehicle comes to the end of its service life, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get it repaired and add a few more miles to the clock.

What are the most common problems on a Ford F150?

Many people could own a Ford F150 for years and years without seeing any issues. This means that the common problems discussed in this section are not all that common at all. It is highly likely a Ford F150 owner will never run into any of these issues as long as they follow the maintenance manual down to the letter. It is likely that they will be doing that anyway. Truck owners love to keep their vehicles in great shape.

One very rare problem that only ever occurred in the 2012 model of the Ford F150 was a loss of power when driving. It was so rare that few drivers experienced it, and those that did experience it only ever experienced it once or twice. Due to this problem, many people will now steer other drivers away from the 2012 model.

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The most common issue with the Ford F150 seems to be related to the transmission, particularly with some of the more recently produced models of the vehicle. A lot of people do find that the transmission shifting feels a little bit rough. While it may not pose that much of an issue for a while, it is suggested that a prospective buyer of the Ford F150 has the transmission inspected to ensure that everything is in order. This will keep the transmission running for as long as possible. There was a transmission-related recall of the Ford F150 back in 2017. This only applied to the 2017 model of the vehicle.

In the 2005 model of the Ford F150, there was an issue with the sparkplug. They could often explode out of the engine. However, many people claim that this is an issue that only ever happened to those that were not maintaining their Ford F150 properly. Anybody that keeps up to date with their engine maintenance is unlikely to ever deal with this issue. This is a problem that seems to have been rectified with the more recent models.

Those that have not properly maintained their vehicles may find that they are running the risk of a head gasket leak once the vehicle is close to the 150,000-mile mark. However, once again, this seems to be a problem that is mostly limited to those that have not invested heavily in the maintenance of their vehicle’s engine.

While these problems may seem quite serious, they are so rare that you will not need to worry about them. About the only issue that does seem fairly common is a squeaky belt. However, this is an issue that is easily rectified, and it is more of an annoying issue as opposed to one that is seriously going to hamper the functioning of the vehicle.

What year F150 is most reliable?

Many people claim that the 1995 version of the Ford F150 is the most reliable model. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. There wasn’t that as much tech loaded into the vehicle. This means that there was less that could go wrong with it.

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Of course, the 1995 vehicles may be a bit too old to be seriously considered. In terms of more modern vehicles, the 2018 to 2020 models seem to be the best. The 2017 model could also be included in this list, but that model had a huge recall, and it can be tough to determine whether the vehicle was replaced or not.


The Ford F150 is an incredibly reliable vehicle. It is perhaps one of the more reliable trucks on the market. As long as it is kept properly maintained, there is no reason why it couldn’t give the owner years and years of happy use.