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Wrench Symbol on Dashboard: What Does It Mean?

Wrench Symbol on Dashboard: What Does It Mean?

After switching the ignition on in many automobiles or vehicles, the wrench symbol on dashboard will illuminate after a few minutes and turn off. It comes on to give a warning and indicate the maintenance needed for the car. Adhering to routine maintenance means ensuring the car and its occupants hit the road without facing any accidents.

Ignorance of the illumination of the wrench spell trouble for the car and owner. Moreover, this article will provide answers to the frequently asked questions when the wrench warning light is on. This article will also emphasize maintenance or service monitor light – its indications such as the why and how.

Why Does the Wrench Warning Light Come On?

wrench symbol on dashboard

The occurrence mentioned above in the car signifies the need to pay attention to the arrival of its maintenance period. Once the warning wrench symbol shows, it is imperative to bring it to a certified service center. Letting the wrench warning light come on continuously for long periods of time is not the right course of action.

When the engine oil becomes insufficient for a specific number of miles, the maintenance monitor light comes on. It could also mean other things aside from scheduled maintenance. This event notifies the owner as well about tire rotation maintenance.

Due to the maintenance issues at hand, specific tools will provide the necessary help and convenience. To save money and to keep the car in excellent shape, investing in a good code reader to detect the fault codes of a vehicle will be beneficial in the long run. In that way, it will work smoothly and be good as new.

Is It Safe to Drive with The Wrench Warning Light On?

With the wrench warning light on, it serves both as a warning and a reminder that the internal condition of the vehicle requires attention. As the notification stresses maintenance, urgency towards the matter is the best approach. Thus, it would be best to book an appointment at the nearest credible service center to solve whatever issue the car has right away.

As mentioned earlier in this article, a problem with the vehicle will result in the wrench warning light being on. Following that information, a problem in the four-wheel drive will cause danger, death, and other unlikely circumstances making it unsafe. Harm accompanies vehicles that continue to function on the road despite receiving a warning through their wrench warning light.

How Do I Turn the Wrench Warning Light Off?

For older car models, the wrench warning light can be turned off by resetting the scheduled maintenance of the maintenance/service monitor light. The first step is to switch on the illumination knob after holding it while the ignition is turned off. Then, for more than five seconds, continue pressing the dashboard illumination knob.

The reset is complete once the master warning light flashes for a few seconds. For other car models, it might require a specific reset method. Other instructions mention specific buttons and foot at the break to commence the reset. They also feature distinct elements that indicate when the reset process is complete.