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What Does the Car With Skid Marks Light Mean

What Does the Car With Skid Marks Light Mean

Every car’s dashboard is equipped with warning lights that serve as notifications for the driver. These lights also inform which one is urgent and needs attention immediately, an orange signal that something needs action, and green lights which serve as a reminder.

What does the car with skid marks light mean on your dashboard? This is called the Traction Control System (TCS). This system is designed to detect when your car is losing traction on the drive wheels. This warning light is important during icy winter and in rainy conditions. Without the TCS, your car may skid off the road.


Can You Drive with The Traction Control Light On?

what does the car with skid marks light mean

It is normally safe to drive with the traction control light on, but blinking TCS lights is normal when you are driving on a muddy or slippy road. This keeps you informed that the system is activated and is cautioning that the road may cause wheelspin.

However, when driving on a normal road and weather and the TCS light continues to blink, this means that there is a need for checking. This may indicate that there is an issue with the TCS.

It is worth checking with an auto technician to see if there are any fault codes in your car. You can also find out by investing in a good code reader, such as the Ancel AD310 OBD2 scanner, to diagnose the issue with your vehicle.

What Would Cause the Traction Control Light to Come On?

The TCS activates if the wheels are spinning fast and your car will automatically slow its speed to prevent skidding. The light is set on by default whenever you turn on your car and maybe on all the time. The TCS can keep your driving safe mainly in hazardous weather.

Having the illuminated traction light on means that the system is working and is keeping your wheels in contact especially on slippery roads. If the light is turned on steadily, this means that the system is inactive. You might have to reactivate it if you are driving in bad weather conditions.

How Do I Turn Off the Traction Control System Light?

Drivers can turn this advisory light on and off if the car has a manual override function. On some cars, the light on the dashboard remains on, but there is an “off” light under the TCS light if the system has been turned off. The traction control system light would not turn off but will show you that the system is deactivated.

This option may vary from different cars. Some can be turned off but some cars keep the light on. If the light did not turn off on a manual override feature, there might be a need to scan your car’s computer system. This goes the same when the light turns on even it is deactivated on the manual override while driving.


So, what does the skid marks mean? The traction system sensors are specially designed to keep your car from sliding when the wheels are over spinning when you physically unnoticed it. This will prevent your car from crashing or getting into an accident.

The dashboard lights are not there to frighten you. Thus, these lights remind and notify you for specific reasons. These also help you maintain your car well and keep you safe while driving. It tells you which part of the car needs attention. Ignoring these lights may lead you to massive repairs or engine breakdowns.