Green Car Symbol on Dashboard: What Does It Mean?

green car symbol on dashboard

Today’s cars are working with a huge network of sensors that are connected to your vehicle’s computer. They provide you notifications and reminders on your dashboard and are often on red, orange, blue, and green. Having these reminders makes the driver safe and reduces the chances of crashing.

Some green dashboard lights are indicators of a driver-assist system, and it indicates that a certain system feature is working and you don’t need to panic. The green car symbol on dashboard refers to the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) light. The sensors mounted on your cars determine the distance between your vehicle and the one in front.


Why Does the Adaptive Cruise Control Light Come On?

green car symbol on dashboard

On a steady-state, the green light means that the Adaptive Cruise Control system is engaged. Once it blinks continuously, it warns the driver that the vehicle is close enough and you need to control your speed or step on the brakes.

There are times that this system might not work properly. If it stays on even when turned off, it may have been caused by a faulty brake switch or sensor. You might have to bring the vehicle to a technician to do a diagnostic scanning of the vehicle’s wirings and computer system. It is economical to have a good code scanner so you can check if your vehicle has any fault codes to prevent system malfunction.

How Does Adaptive Cruise Control Work?

This feature uses camera sensors on the front part of your car. This determines if you are close to the vehicle ahead of you. If these sensors calculated that you are close to the set distance, your car will automatically slow down and will warn you through the flashing green car symbol on the dashboard.

On this system, you may set the distance on when the ACC should notify you. This system returns the vehicle to its normal speed once the sensor determines enough gap from the front car. This happens when the vehicle ahead of you accelerates or switches to a different lane.

How Do I Turn Off the Adaptive Cruise Control Light?

The ACC light can be switched off and leave it on standby mode. A cruise control button is usually found on the left side of the steering wheel. Turning the ACC will also make the green light disappear.

However, turning the Adaptive Cruise Control light means that you must monitor and regulate the speed of the vehicle ahead and apply the brakes as needed. In general, a driver should maintain enough safe distance to the vehicle in front to allow them to see farther ahead. Should there be an accident that happens while driving, you could control your speed and prevent crashing.


Keeping the green car symbol turned on can assist you with your driving. You do not have to worry much about your speed since it slows down your car automatically and gradually if you get too close to a vehicle. By this, you can focus mainly on driving and always make sure to use the brakes when needed.


Do not rely entirely on the Adaptive Control System. It is always safe to drive when maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles – with the ACC on or not. Doing this will give you time to think and respond to an unfortunate accident that happens in front.