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Red Exclamation Mark on the Dashboard: What Does It Mean?

Red Exclamation Mark on the Dashboard: What Does It Mean?

The dashboard on modern cars has tons of icons and symbols that confuse most of the drivers, especially the warning lights that appear right in front of our dashboard out of nowhere.

Like the color red, orange, or green, what do these colors mean?

These three can be associated with traffic lights’ function. If one of these randomly shows up on your dashboard, it sometimes indicates mild issues on your car engine, but it also might be telling you about grave concerns that you have to take action immediately. Especially the red one, here are the things you need to know about the red exclamation mark warning on your car dashboard.


What should I do if the Brake System Warning Light comes on?

Red exclamation mark on dashboard

The Red warning light is called the brake system warning light, which means there could be a severe problem with the brake system that needs checking as soon as possible. If this warning appears while you’re driving, STOP.

The best action to do is to look for the nearest automobile repair shop or safely pull over on a parking area and request a backup to transport your car to a repair shop. Some drivers constantly ignore these type of warning signs every time it appears on their dashboard, but you shouldn’t. A Brake system issue could put your life in danger.

Another solution you can do is to use an advanced scanner tool. It is worth investing in a good code reader, such as the Foxwell NT301 OBD2 scanner, so you can check if your vehicle has any fault codes, but the safest thing to do is bring your vehicle immediately to a repair shop and drive it until the problems on the system are not entirely fixed.


What does it mean if the brake light on the dash is flashing?

One of the main reasons for the brake system issues is the low brake fluid level. It may occur as a result of a few possible reasons.

First, the Brake fluid needs replacing. If your car’s brake pad is worn out, your brake system may be running out of fluid. Monitor your brake fluid condition constantly and replace it as long as it needs a replacement. Another possible factor that affects the brake system is leakage. If there is no or very little brake fluid in the system because of a leak, you won’t be able to stop your engine. It is a dangerous problem so go to the nearest automobile repair shop to fix the leakage in your brake system.

How do I reset the Brake System Warning Light?

Advanced drivers use personal scanner tools such as OBD2 scanners to reset their vehicles’ brake system warning lights. which will automatically check all error codes and tell you what the actual problem is with your automobile

A scanner tool’s purpose is to scan trouble codes on their cars. The best way to reset brake system warning lights is to use a scanner. If you have no trouble expending money on your car’s maintenance, having a scanner is a great thing. Mostly resetting your vehicle’s brake system warning light usually varies on what type of automobile you are using. Check your vehicle manual on resetting a “Brake Warning Light,” but it is recommended to leave this type of work to mechanics and knowledgeable drivers to prevent risk.


Probably the red warning light is the most crucial warning color of all. And it typically tells you about a significant issue or component failure in your car’s brake system. If you receive a red warning signal from your dashboard, never attempt to ignore it. Start investigating the possible problems.

To avoid accidents or be a reckless driver, you first need to learn how your vehicle feature’s function. In that way, you will not just be able to prevent risk; you will also help a friend in need when these occurrences happen. The vital thing you should always put on top of your mind is don’t attempt to ignore this red exclamation mark on dashboard.