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Eco Light on Dashboard – What Does It Mean?

Eco Light on Dashboard – What Does It Mean?

Most automobiles today offer various innovative features that help the vehicle’s efficiency. One of these features is the eco mode system, which is primarily designed to reduce fuel consumption or for you to save gas. Usually, if the eco light is on, some adjustments are made to your car to reduce gas consumption.

The eco light on the dashboard is usually found on the left-hand side of your steering wheel. Its function basically lowers the response rate of your car’s throttle, changes its ignition timing and reduces fuel usage. However, the changes made by this feature depend on the vehicle you’re driving.


How do I turn Eco mode off?

Eco light on dashboard

When the eco light on dashboard turns green, it usually affects your driving experience. It slows down your acceleration and restricts some features to reduce gas usage. So, it’s not surprising that you want to turn the eco mode off to get the most out of driving your car.

To turn off this feature varies from vehicle to vehicle. In most automatic cars, you can go to your vehicle’s Settings and select the Eco Driving Indicator Light. Once selected, you’ll see the option to turn it off. On the other hand, in some models, you can quickly turn the indicator off right through your steering wheel by pressing the DISP button.

If you can’t turn off the eco light indicator, there might be some issue with your vehicle’s sensor. So, it is worth investing in a good code reader so you can check if your car has any fault codes.

Is it bad to always drive in Eco mode?

Eco mode is an excellent feature for efficient and eco-friendly driving, so it’s recommended to operate your car while the indicator is on. However, driving all the time while your vehicle is on eco mode is not a great idea since there are situations where you need to accelerate quickly.

Constantly turning the eco mode while driving is tempting since you’ll be saving your money and running your engine efficiently. But, you should also consider times like driving uphill, highways, and during hot days.

Why is my eco light not working?

There are cases where the eco light indicator might not show up even if you turn it on. Some drivers report problems of having a stuck light indicator button, which causes the eco mode not to work. If you’re in this kind of situation, better contact a professional regarding this matter to fix the indicator.

On the other hand, this problem with your eco light indicator is possibly caused by having a faulty sensor. So, it will be helpful to let your vehicle be checked or get a code reader, such as the excellent Foxwell NT301 OBD2 scanner, for a more convenient option.


The eco light on the dashboard might seem to be a small feature, but it can do an amazing job for your vehicle to regulate its engine operation and fuel consumption. Turning it on once in a while, especially if you’re just driving short miles, will definitely benefit your pocket and the environment.

Although, it’s essential to remember that using the eco mode can vary depending on the situation. If you’re going uphill or for a long drive during hot weather, you might need to think it through.