How to Restore Jeep Plastic Windows? This Is What I do

How to Restore Jeep Plastic Windows

As an owner of a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and a soft top, every now and then I get asked how my soft top window look so clear and sharp. Maybe you have the same question? If so, in this article I’ll share some tricks I have learned and the best product to make your plastic windows look as good as new.

First, I must admit that I turned to the web just like you are doing and then I tried just about everything I came across. So take it from me because I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. What I’ll share works so good that buddies in my local Jeep club are always asking me for pointers.

When it comes down to the actual process, the first step is to invest in the right product. I use Meguiars PlastRx (see below) because it is inexpensive and it worked wonders.

Meguiar's PlastX Clear Plastic Polish, Fast & Easy Plastic Restorer for Headlights, Taillights, Soft Top Windows, and More, Remove Scratches, Cloudiness, Yellowing, and Oxidation, 10 oz.
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  • HEADLIGHT CLEANING AND MUCH MORE: Great for use on headlights, Plexiglass, plastic convertible windows, brake lights and other uncoated clear plastic surfaces
  • BRILLIANT CLARITY: Cleans and restores brilliant clarity in one simple step, saving you money on expensive replacement headlights and enhancing visibility and safety for nighttime driving
  • LASTING PROTECTION: Features water-resistant polymers that help provide long-lasting durable protection
  • USE BY ITSELF OR WITH HEADLIGHT KIT: Use by itself or as a refill with Meguiar's headlight restoration kits

Amazon prices last updated on 2024-03-25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

However, it is only the first step in the plastic window restoration process. The other steps I recommend for restoring Jeep plastic windows are:

  1. Removing the plastic windows
  2. Cleaning the plastic
  3. Taping up the soft top fabric
  4. New applicators and rags
  5. Corner treatment
  6. Reassemble

So now you have my step by step process…it is time to get started.


Removing the Plastic Windows

If you can remove the side and back windows for the restoration project, I would. In my case only the side windows come off of my soft top model. Removing the windows allowed my to work more comfortably. I don’t think this is a critical step; however, the fact I could get to all the window (at least for the inside) was a benefit for taking the windows off. I kinda prefer the windows attached for the outside treatment, but I figured I had them out already, just to keep going.

Cleaning the Plastic

After I have purchased the [amazon_textlink asin=’B0000AY3SR’ text=’Meguiars PlastRx’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’offroadable-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’77652bfa-f3d6-11e8-87a5-4f96b664de6a’] and gotten my windows out, the next step is to make sure the surface was clean. I used Dawn dish soap as it does a good job of taking the road grease and kids fingerprints off of the plastic. I always make sure that I am extra gentle when it comes to cleaning the plastic windows on my Jeep. I don’t want to pick up something that might scratch them worse than they are. However, I tend to find that the condensation which builds up on the inside is the culprit for most of the clouded look. After the dirt and grime are gone, I then let everything dry and move to the next step, tape.

Tapping the Soft Top Fabric

I don’t like how the edges of my soft top fabric look after I get wax or the Meguaris product on them. So I tape off the windows just as if I were going to paint them. This way I don’t have to worry about keeping the edges clean. When it comes to any kind of car detailing, edges are critical as the lines are where people’s eyes naturally travel. Tapping helps you control the clean edge.

New Applicators and Rags

I used a new applicator and new rags for each window. It doesn’t take much to spread small particles (like sand) around. A small grain of sand or something you’ve picked up can do more damage than good. I guess you could wash the applicators and rags in between each window, but hey who has time for that? If you do decide to wash them, just be sure they are clean.

Corner Treatment

This is my own invention and trick which worked really well for me. I found that getting all the way into the corners and along the edges was a challenge for me. So I broke out a soft polish tip on my Dremel tool (similar to the model below) and turned it to low speed.

Dremel 3000-2/28 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit
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  • SLIM & ERGONOMIC BODY : 360-degree grip zone for added comfort & grip during extended use

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This allowed me to clean all of the edges. They actually cleaned up and cleared up well. I’m not sure I would use power tools on the entire plastic window though. As a note of caution if you have a tear along any edge, don’t hit it with the Dremel wrong, it can make the damage worse. I did find some clear Gorilla glue and touched up the damage. Seems okay to me, but not perfect.


Putting everything back together and you are good to go. Your Jeep’s plastic windows will look as if they were new. The best part; however, isn’t just the looks, but rather the fact you can now see out of the windows as you are merging lanes on the freeway.

You’re done. How do they look?

Can you restore the plastic Jeep windows? The answer is yes, and this article provides all the steps I followed to get my Jeep Wrangler’s soft top windows to look great.

Related Questions

Can I restore the faded fenders on my Jeep? Yes. Meguaris has a good product for your fenders as well. However, depending on how bad they are, I might suggest other options, like upgrading to a non-stock aluminum fender.

Can you apply wax to a Jeep soft top? I’m sure you can; however, I wouldn’t. A soft top is nearly impossible to rub out any excess wax. My suggestion is to stay clear.

How do you water proof a Jeep soft top that leaks? I use Scotch Guard and several coats to water proof the fabric. However, I’ve found that the seems always leak just a bit when water pressure is directly shot on them. Typical rain usually doesn’t make it into my Jeep Wrangler. Then again, I live in a state that gets less than 20 inches of rain a year. That might be a different story depending on your weather patterns.