Best Jeep Differential Lockers: Which One Would I Buy?

Best Jeep Lockers

For my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited there are clearly only two lockers I would consider when I upgrade. In a previous article, “What Jeep Lockers Are and When to Use Them” I covered a lot of the what they were and how to install them, but I never mentioned which ones I would buy for my Jeep Wrangler and why.

My First Choice – ARB Air Locker Dana 44

ARB Air Locker Dana 44 Locking Differential

This locker is my first choice merely because of the brand name and the unlimited 5-year warranty. ARB has been a leader in their products for extreme off-roading for years by professionals all around the world. If I were to ever depend on a product to get me through an obstacle or out of the back woods and my life depended on it, I’d want it to be the most trusted brand in the industry. To me personally, it’s a choice of survival. However, another reason I like this ARB Air Locker over others, is how fast I can find tutorials online to troubleshoot issues I might be having as well as the huge quantity of installation videos. There is just so much more on the web over all the other locker options.

My Second Choice – OX Locker Dana 44 Kit

OX Locker Dana 44 Air Locker Kit

This locker system is a really close second choice. First, this is probably because I love products made in the USA. The ARB locker is an Australian based product which is also a country who manufactures a good quality product. However, my Jeep is American made, my lockers might as well be too. Second, the technology is very similar to that of the leading ARB locker. I’m confident this OX Locker would also get me out of trouble if needed so it scores a very strong second place in my books. However, with just a one-year warranty it falls behind ARB’s five years by a long-ways.

There are so many options for lockers out there. However, for my personal use, the air lockers which are selectable seem to make the most sense to me. Not only do I want the onboard air for airing up after conquering the trail but also using the air to control when and when I don’t want my lockers to engage is much better than the automatic locker options. At the end of the day for me, it comes down to control when choosing the selectable air locker for both of my top two choices.

Finally, both of these lockers are capable of getting you through obstacles on the trail with more control. This means less tire spin, less slipping, and less damage to both your Jeep Wrangler and the trail. With lockers, I can trust power over momentum when it comes to climbing over anything that I might be crazy enough to accomplish.