ATV vs Quad: What Exactly Is the Difference?

ATV vs Quad What exactly is the difference

Quads were originally used in farms to haul things and as fun ride bikes. But Quads are mostly unstable vehicles and easily flip over. Having seen the popularity of Quads, manufacturers started building advanced versions of Quads that were called as ATVs.

So, ATV vs Quad: What exactly is the difference? A Quad as the name suggests is a 4-wheeled drive whereas All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are not just a 4-wheeled drive, as vehicles that come with 3 wheels and six wheels also can be an ATV. Simply put, a quad can be an ATV, but not all ATVs need not be Quads.

ATVs were initially built only by the big companies and weighed a lot and were originally used in the military and for farming. They are generally tough, durable and specially designed as an off-road vehicle. 

How to Make ATV Riding More Fun?

ATV riding can be more fun if you indulge in various activities. Here are some ideas:

Join an ATV Competition
You will find plenty of ATV races and competitions being held annually – from beginner to professional degrees. Many ATV races have various ATV race levels that allows people with different ability levels to race their own ATVs. Not merely ATV are more fun and enjoyable – it provides you a fantastic opportunity to brush up on your ability also.

Take Yearly Trial Trips
There is life past the park and yard for ATV fans, consequently, if you are becoming bored with all the local park because your routine ATV riding destination. Consider making yearly trips to other areas where you can combine ATV riding along with camping, fishing, trekking, barbecuing and other fun family activities. Make a habit of finding new trials that you have never seen before and make ATV riding enjoyable than ever.

Join an ATV online community
Just a simple search on Google will lead you to a ton of online ATV groups and communities. Joining an ATV community will enable you to share your experiences as well as make new friends also find new trials, tips and suggestions to make ATV riding more fun.

Customize your ATV
Hardcore ATV enthusiasts cannot resist the opportunity to modify their ATV’s to their own requirements. Even though customizing an ATV can be a little expensive, it could add a lot of value to your ATV and increase its performance to a great extent.