ATV vs UTV: What’s the Difference Between These Two

ATV vs UTV Whats the difference between these two

Both ATV and UTV are terrain vehicles, but both come with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are really interested in finding the difference between these two, then please keep reading till the end.

So what’s the difference between an ATV vs UTV?

There are chances that people get confused between the two as both look similar, there are quite a few differences between the two.

One of the major differences among the two is the purpose of usage of these terrain vehicles. If you are looking to have a fun time or race with your buddies along the terrains, then the ATV is the best option there. 

But if you are looking to haul heavy equipment and things in your farm or outdoor, an ATV will be a bad choice. UTVs server a great purpose in hauling woods or other heavy equipment across your property. 

In other words, UTV, as the name suggests, is the better option for carrying out work whereas ATV is better for pleasure seekers.

Seating Capacity & Handling
Another difference between the two is the seating capacity and handling of both vehicles. It comes with a straddled seat much like a motorcycle. When compared to UTVs, the All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) require greater balance and handling.  While the ATV is controlled by a handlebar, UTVs are controlled using a steering wheel. UTVs mostly come with comfortable seats and can seat 4-6 passengers.

When it comes to speed, ATVs are the best option for speed riders. They are specially designed for providing greater speed and easy to maneuver when compared to UTVs. While both offer a high speed of about 35mph, but this can vary based on your model, design and build etc. UTV’s provide more control when compared to ATVs and don’t offer the amount of speed most ATVs offer.

If you compare the cost between the two, ATVs are cheaper than UTVs. While a basic version of a single-seat ATV without the gear and additional accessories is much lower when compared with the cost of a basic model UTV. But when you add the additional accessories, insurance, gear and other things, the cost of ATVs can go higher. It is also the same with UTVs as customization costs are pretty much on the higher side for UTVs.

Like all vehicles, there are dangers involved in riding both ATVs and UTVs. It’s highly recommended that the appropriate safety gear and headgear are used while riding both these vehicles. 

One major difference between both is that UTVs come with a secure roll-cage that provides ample protection even when the vehicle topples over. Provided that the rider has been buckled in correctly, riding a UTV is always safe even in the instance of accidents. But it is not the same with ATVs as they are far more dangerous can even lead to deaths during major accidents.

Regardless of what you pick, you shouldn’t ever ride any vehicle without understanding how to correctly drive and manage it. Not taking the opportunity to learn may have some catastrophic outcomes.