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Atv Oil vs Motorcycle Oil – What’s the Difference?

Atv Oil vs Motorcycle Oil – What’s the Difference?

Like every other vehicle that has an engine and other moving parts, an ATV also consists of around 30 moving parts and it is the oil that helps in keeping these parts lubricated to function properly. 

If you have an ATV, it is important that you keep a tab on your oil levels or use your owner’s manual to check the manufacturer’s recommendation about the specific intervals to check the oil levels. 

If you regularly check and replace your oil, you can happily ride your ATV for many years without any issues.

So, what’s the difference between ATV oil vs motorcycle oil? Even though both ATV oil and motorcycle come with their own frictional properties, if you have a manual wet clutch, then there is no problem in using motorcycle oil. But if your ATV comes equipped with an automatic clutch, better stick with the ATV oil.

But it is always better to go with ATV oils, as ATVs undergo a lot of wear and tear than your motorcycles. Hence oils that are specially formulated to meet the wear and tear of the ATV is the best option for proper performance and protection.

Best Oil for ATVs

Choosing the right ATV oil can transform an under-performing ATV into a power-packed performer. But the market is filled with a lot of brands, that it is tough to choose the best one. 

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled some of the best ATV oils in the market for you to choose from:

  1. Yamaha All Purpose ATV Oil
  2. Valvoline 4-Stroke ATV Motor Oil
  3. Polaris Oil Filter Change Sportsman ATV Ranger
  4. Ravenol ATV Quad Oil 4-T
  5. Castrol Power 1 Synthetic ATV Oil
  6. Lucas Oil Engine for ATV
  7. Honda GN4 Motor Oil
  8. Shell Rotella T Synthetic Motor Oil
  9. Kawasaki OEM Performance Motor Oil
  10. Polaris Factory ATV oil

Different Types of ATV Oil

ATV oils can be classified into:

  • Mineral Oil
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Semi-Synthetic Oil

Frequently Asked ATV Oil Questions

Q: Q: Can Synthetic Oils be used on ATVs?
A: If you are aggressive rider having more than 8-10 hours rides per week, then there is no problem in using synthetic oil. Because synthetic oils are specially formulated to withstand higher engine temperatures and largely helps in reducing the friction on the moving parts of your ATV.

Q: How often should you change the oil in an ATV?
A: It largely depends on the make, model and the amount of usage etc. The general rule is to change the oil every 100 Km, but if you are an aggressive rider and use your ATV often, then it is better to check the oil levels regularly.

Q: Can you use car oil on ATVs?
A: No, ATVs are different than cars and hence need a specially formulated oil that is designed based on the parts in an ATV.