Yamaha Raptor 660: Specs, Upgrades and Review

Yamaha Raptor 660

Since its introduction in 2001, Yamaha’s Raptor 660 has been one of the most popular choices for riders looking for a sport ATV. This very effective and nimble piece of equipment is distinguished by its liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, lightweight build, and snappy handling.

Because of its completely adjustable piggyback reservoir shocks and its huge, wide-set tyres that give exceptional traction and stability, the Raptor 660 provides a smooth ride even over difficult terrain. This is made possible by the combination of these two features.

In this article, we will take a more in-depth look at the specifications and characteristics of the Yamaha Raptor 660, as well as cover some of the more common improvements that riders may do to improve the bike’s overall performance and aesthetics.

Yamaha Raptor 660 Specs and Features

Yamaha Raptor 660

Since its debut in the market in 2001, the Yamaha Raptor 660 has proven to be a successful model of the sport ATV (all-terrain vehicle) category. It is famous for its potent engine, lightweight construction, and nimble handling, among other attributes.

The Raptor 660 is equipped with a powerful, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine that is 659cc in displacement and provides plenty of power for riding aggressively. The engine is combined with a manual transmission that has five gears and a wet clutch that has many plates. The Raptor 660’s compact size and lightweight construction, in conjunction with its robust engine, make it capable of lightning-fast acceleration and razor-sharp handling.

The suspension system of the Raptor 660 is one of the most notable elements of this vehicle. Even when travelling through rough terrain, the ride quality of the ATV is not compromised thanks to the front and rear piggyback reservoir shocks, which are also completely adjustable. The Raptor 660 sports tyres that are both huge and wide-set, which contribute to its exceptional traction and stability.

The Raptor 660 has a sturdy high-tensile steel frame, which is another one of its many amazing features. This frame not only gives the ATV a sturdy base, but it also makes it simple to make any customizations or alterations that might be desired.

The Raptor 660 boasts a slick and menacing appearance that is likely to attract people’s attention thanks to its design. The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) has a sleek and aerodynamic body made of plastic, and it comes in a range of colours.

If you’re looking for a sport ATV that’s not only powerful but also agile and long-lasting, the Yamaha Raptor 660 is a fantastic option to consider. It is ideal for daredevils who want a motorcycle that can handle rugged terrain and provide an adventurous riding experience, and it is suitable for those who ride in groups.

However, it is essential to be aware that the Raptor 660 was phased out of manufacturing in 2005, and that since then, Yamaha has introduced a Raptor 700, which has been in production up until the present day.

Therefore, if you are looking for an ATV that is both dependable and capable of delivering high levels of performance, the Yamaha Raptor 660 is an excellent option to take into consideration.

Yamaha Raptor 660 Upgrades

There are a lot of riders out there that want to take their Raptor 660 to the next level, both in terms of its performance and its looks. Improving the capabilities of your Raptor 660 through modifications is a fantastic way to set it apart from the competition and stand out from the pack.

A new exhaust system is consistently voted as one of the most popular modifications for the Raptor 660. A high-performance exhaust can help improve the overall sound of the ATV while also contributing to an increase in its power. Aftermarket exhaust systems come in a broad range, including slip-on mufflers and whole exhaust systems, and are available for purchase online or in local auto parts stores.

A replacement air filter is yet another common improvement. Because it will allow the ATV to breathe more readily, a high-performance air filter can assist enhance the amount of horsepower and torque it produces. There is a selection of air filters available to choose from, some of which are reusable and others that can be cleaned.

Improving the performance of your Raptor 660 by installing upgraded suspension components is just another fantastic approach to do so. It is possible to increase the handling and stability of an ATV by upgrading its shocks and springs, which is especially beneficial while travelling through difficult terrain.

Also, improving the performance of the Raptor 660 can also be accomplished quite effectively by upgrading the tyres. Greater traction and stability can be provided by tyres that are larger and wider, particularly while travelling in muddy or sandy terrain.

A power commander is an additional improvement that should be taken into consideration. A power commander is an accessory that can be attached to the engine of an ATV and gives the rider the ability to fine-tune the ratio of fuel to air in order to achieve the highest possible level of performance. Those who desire to modify the power output of their Raptor 660 can benefit greatly from selecting this option.

A new set of visuals is one of the most common updates, and it’s one of the most important ones, too. There is a large selection of aftermarket graphics available, some of which are manufactured to order while others come in pre-made kits. Your Raptor 660 can be given a look that is all its own and set out from others with the help of graphics.

Lastly, changing the lighting on your Raptor 660 can enhance the vehicle’s visibility and make nighttime riding more comfortable. Both HID lights and LED light bars are common choices these days.

In Summary

To summarise, the Yamaha Raptor 660 is a potent and nimble all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that provides a smooth ride even when traversing rugged terrain. Its popularity among riders can be attributed to the fact that it has a lightweight construction, a powerful engine, and a high-performance suspension system.

On the other hand, it is essential to be aware that Yamaha ceased production of the Raptor 660 in 2005, and that the company has since introduced a Raptor 700. Improving the functionality and visual appeal of your Raptor 660 by installing a new exhaust system, air filter, suspension components, tyres, or power commander can be accomplished through an upgrade.

Consider purchasing a Yamaha Raptor 660 all-terrain vehicle if you want an ATV that is both trustworthy and capable of delivering great performance.