Home ATVs Honda Fourtrax 400: Specs, Upgrades and Review

Honda Fourtrax 400: Specs, Upgrades and Review

Honda Fourtrax 400: Specs, Upgrades and Review

Are you interested in purchasing an ATV that is trustworthy, powerful, and versatile? The Honda Fourtrax 400 is the only option you need to consider. Because of its tough durability and silky smooth performance, this ATV has been a favourite among riders for a good number of years.

The Fourtrax 400 will perform admirably regardless of whether you use it for work or for pleasure. This all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is designed to handle the most difficult terrain and the heaviest loads thanks to its 397cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, double-wishbone front suspension, and swing arm rear suspension, as well as its variety of helpful features.

In this article, we will investigate the specifications and characteristics of the Honda Fourtrax 400, as well as the many upgrades that may be added to increase its capabilities.

Honda Fourtrax 400 Specs and Features

Honda Fourtrax 400

ATV riders have consistently praised the Honda Fourtrax 400 for its many desirable qualities, including its adaptability and dependability. The Fourtrax 400, which is well-known for its rough-and-tumble durability as well as its silky-smooth performance, is an excellent option for both work and play.

The impressive power of the Fourtrax 400’s in-house engine is one of the model’s most notable qualities. This all-terrain vehicle (ATV) has plenty of power to handle challenging terrain and big loads thanks to its single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that has a displacement of 397cc and is cooled by liquid. The engine is mated to a reliable manual transmission that has five different gears, making it simple to select the appropriate one for any given circumstance.

The suspension system of the Fourtrax 400 is yet another outstanding characteristic of this vehicle. This all-terrain vehicle (ATV) features a double-wishbone front suspension and a swing arm rear suspension, which together ensure a ride that is both smooth and stable, regardless of the terrain. The suspension is also fully adjustable, giving riders the ability to fine-tune it to suit both their own preferences and the specifics of the trail they are riding on.

The Fourtrax 400 comes standard with a multitude of practical features, making it an excellent option for usage in both professional and recreational settings. It comes equipped with massive steel racks on both the front and the back, which together offer a substantial amount of room for transporting equipment, supplies, or other goods. In addition to that, it can pull up to 600 pounds behind it and comes with a winch.

In addition, the body of the Fourtrax 400 is constructed to be long-lasting and durable. This all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is built to resist the rigours of severe use and off-road excursions thanks to its high-impact plastic bodywork and heavy-duty steel frame construction.

In general, the Honda Fourtrax 400 is an excellent choice for everyone in the market for a dependable, powerful, and adaptable all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Because of its robust engine, refined suspension, and other practical features, it will undoubtedly continue to deliver an enjoyable riding experience for many years to come.

Honda Fourtrax 400 Upgrades

There are a variety of enhancements that can be added to a Fourtrax 400 in order to expand its capabilities and make it an even more enjoyable vehicle to ride if the owner is interested in taking it to the next level.

The installation of a set of larger tyres and wheels is consistently voted as one of the most popular modifications for the Fourtrax 400. Because of the increased ground clearance and improved traction that these can provide, it will be much simpler for your ATV to traverse rough terrain and ascend steep slopes. The addition of a set of heavy-duty mud tyres, which can provide even better traction and durability in muddy or rainy situations, is something that many riders prefer to do as well.

A performance exhaust system is another popular addition that is available for the Fourtrax 400. These systems have the potential to contribute to an increase in the power and torque of the engine, which will make your ATV even more responsive and enjoyable to ride. Some high-performance exhaust systems also come with a high-flow air filter, which works to improve the way the engine breathes and can lead to an increase in the vehicle’s horsepower.

A set of aftermarket suspension components can be an excellent option for drivers of a Fourtrax 400 who want to improve the vehicle’s handling while also increasing its level of stability. These may include high-performance shocks, springs with increased stiffness, or even a whole suspension upgrade package. Your ATV’s handling and stability might be improved with the help of these upgrades, which would also make it more comfortable and enjoyable to ride, particularly over rough terrain.

Winches are another aftermarket accessory that many riders of the Fourtrax 400 take into consideration installing. A winch can be of tremendous assistance in a variety of circumstances, from freeing a car that has become stuck to transferring huge loads. Those who utilise their Fourtrax 400 for business or hunting may find that installing a winch is an extremely handy accessory.

Last but not least, some riders choose to equip their motorcycles with additional components, such as a rearview mirror, a windscreen, or hand guards, in order to make the trip more pleasant and to shelter themselves from the outside elements.

In Summary

In conclusion, the Honda Fourtrax 400 is a fantastic choice for people who are looking for an ATV that is durable and versatile. It is designed to manage any terrain and big loads thanks to its robust engine, well-balanced suspension, and other user-friendly features.

And for those who are interested in taking their Fourtrax 400 to the next level, there is a wide range of available upgrades that can improve its capabilities and make it even more pleasurable to ride. The possibilities are virtually limitless, and they include things like wider tyres and wheels, performance exhaust systems, upgraded suspension with winches and extras.

The Honda Fourtrax 400 is the ideal all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for both serious and recreational use.