Red Dot Light on Dashboard: What Does it Mean?

Red dot light on dashboard

There are numerous LED lights installed on a vehicle’s dashboard. The lights are on red, orange, and white, and are put in place usually to notify the driver and turned on for different purposes. These lights start to blink to get the driver’s attention.

Ever wonder why there is a red dot light on the dashboard? This works as a security indicator. This notifies the driver that the anti-theft feature of the vehicle has been activated. It is also referred to as the immobilizer system. This important security feature should be equipped on the car. The flashing red dot light keeps your vehicle safe.


How do I Turn the Red Dot Light on the Dashboard Off?

Red dot light on dashboard

Some immobilizer system activates if a random key fob is received by the car. To turn off the lazer red dot light, just open the doors with the right key and turn on the ignition. The red dot light also stops if the car’s sensor has recognized someone sitting on the driver’s seat.

However, the immobilizer system might not work properly if there are faults with the internal switches or wiring. It is worth investing in a good code reader, such as the Foxwell NT301 OBD2 scanner, so you can check if your vehicle has any fault codes. It is always important to check and repair faulty wires if one has been detected.

How Does the Alarm and Immobilizer System Work?

The red dot light turns on once you lock the vehicle and this system comes in helpful in case of a theft. This is a more secure two-step authentication system. The security system activates when the tailgate, hood, or doors are opened by force.

When the alarm activates, the horn sounds recurrent and the headlights continue to flash. The immobilizer system will also lock the wrong key fob and will prevent the vehicle from starting until a correct key is used. If you lost your key fob, you need to visit or bring the car to the nearest dealership to deactivate the security system, request for a new one, and have it reprogrammed.

Can I drive with the red dot light on?

If you just got in the car with the right key, the red dot light will turn off and shall not interfere with your driving. The immobilizer system is often activated only during parking. Due to its security features, if the red light is on, this means that the security system is still switched on and ignition should not work and you would not be able to drive.

Due to the security features of this system, the driver should use the right key to start driving the car. Still, if the red dot light turns on while you are driving, it is better to have the car checked for faulty systems and wirings.


The security alarm can be annoying and noisy but this will dissuade any possible thieves that try to open your car forcibly and try to take your belongings inside. Having a car immobilizer system keeps you at peace knowing that your vehicle is safe when you are not around. Cars with installed security systems reduce the chance of being targeted by thieves.

Make sure to always check if the red dot light on the dashboard is working after you lock your car from the outside to check if the security system is working. A security system is always worth spending on that losing a large value due to theft.