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How Much Does It Cost to Ship an ATV?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship an ATV?

When it comes to shipping an ATV, there are various factors that could affect the total shipping cost. This might include the distance, the weight of the ATV, time of the year, labor cost, fuel cost etc. Hence, it is always better to check with multiple companies for a shipping quote, before finalizing on the best.


What are the costs involved in shipping an ATV?

Before you ship an ATV, you need to understand the basic things that get included in the cost by most of the shipping agencies. One of the major factors that influence the shipping cost is the distance involved. 

When you are shipping a longer distance means it costs more fuel. Some agencies add “fuel surcharges” in their shipping cost. Some also include the labor involved transporting your ATV. 

While most companies include an insurance cost, remember it only covers for the damages caused by the driver transporting the ATV. Some also supplemental insurance along with the primary insurance to cover additional damages.

What to consider before choosing a shipping company?

There are various things that need to be considered before choosing an ATV company, which includes:

Insurance Policy
The first thing to consider is whether shipping costs include insurance coverage as well. Check whether the coverage offers basic coverage and other details included in the insurance. Before sending your ATV, get the details of the insurer from the shipping agency

Shipment Tracking
Most companies do offer live tracking of your ATV shipment. Many shipping agencies allow keeping track of your ATV from your mobile phones, while some offer a tracking number to be checked using a laptop. Live tracking gives you the peace of mind, knowing that your ATV is safe and arriving soon.

Shipment Method
Another thing to check is the type of shipment that the agency uses to transport your vehicle. Generally, shipping can be done in open car transports or closed car shipping. If you are sending through an open car shipping, ensure that the ATV is sufficiently covered from rains and inclement weather during transport. It is always recommended to transport ATVs in enclosed shipping method as it gives the needed protection to your ATVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need to drain the gas before shipping an ATV?
A: No, it is not needed to drain the gas before shipping your ATV.

Q: Is there any inspections done before the ATV is picked by the shipping company?
A: Yes, most of the shipping companies, do a basic checkup and take photos of the ATV from all sides. An inspection checklist is signed by both parties before picking the ATV for shipping.

Q: How to prepare your ATV before shipping?
A: Even though an ATV is being transported in a truck or some vehicle, it still needs to be functional. Because loading personnel drive the vehicles to load and unload the ATV from the truck. Also, gas needs to be there to fulfil that shore ride.


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