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How Much Does It Cost to Service an ATV?

How Much Does It Cost to Service an ATV?

ATV’s are highly renowned for their sheer durability and toughness as they can overcome any kind of terrain. Like cars and other vehicles, regular service and maintenance are required to keep the ATV in the best of shape. In this article, we’ll look at the cost involved in servicing an ATV and service is important for every ATV out there.


So how much does an ATV service cost?

A full service of an ATV can cost anywhere between $300-$350. But various service centers are offering different types of service in the name of level1, level2 and level 3 service. If you want a full service involves cooling system flush and silencer repack, you need to go for a level 3 service.

The level 1 service is a basic service and can cost you around $100 – $120.

Why is regular service important for ATVs?

Regular maintenance and service are important for any vehicle and that includes an ATV too. No matter whether you use an ATV for recreation or just some weekend blasts, it is important that it is maintained in the best manner. 

Regular service of ATVs will ensure that every part including the air filters, tires, cooling system, spark plugs, cables and bolts. Especially during summer and spring, it is highly important for ATVs to remain in top shape. Because that is the time, that they are heavily used.

A simple 30-45 minutes of use can make the air filters catch a lot of dirt and dust. If the dirt and dust build is heavy, then the performance of the air filter can reduce drastically.

A regular oil change is also vital to keep the ATV running properly. Over time, the nuts and bolts get to loosen and a full service will ensure these are straightened out. 

What does a complete ATV service involve?

A typical ATV service will include the following checks and changes:

  • Change engine oil and transmission oil
  • Check and change spark plug if necessary
  • Check and adjust all valves
  • Compression tests
  • Check and adjust cables
  • Check, clean and lube chains
  • Clean and replace the oil filter if needed
  • Cooling system flush
  • Silencer re-packing
  • Check and set the air pressure on all tires
  • Check and inspect the braking system

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should I service my ATV?
A: It is always recommended to go for authorized service dealer. Going for a cheap service center will not do any good for the ATV.

Q: How do I know that my ATV needs service?
A: The service manual is the best place to check for the service interval. Check with your dealer to for suggestions based on your usage.

Q: Can I change the oil on my own?
A: Yes, an oil change is a simple procedure. If you have the necessary tools required for an oil change, then it takes roughly about 15-30 minutes to change the oil

Q: Do the service cost change based on the model of an ATV?
A: Generally, the service cost won’t differ for the most common ATV’s.