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How Many Miles Do ATV Tires Last?

How Many Miles Do ATV Tires Last?

Tires are the legs of your ATV and if you are looking for the best ride from your ATV, then you need to get the best tires. When you have the best-in-class tires in your ATV, you can confidently rise though all kind of terrains without any hassles. In this article, we’ll look at how many miles do atv tires last and how to take care of your tires etc.

So many miles do ATV tires last?

First, let’s understand the fact that tires are consumables. Hence, they need to be replaced at one point in time. No tires can last forever, but if we take good care of them, we can make sure it provides the best performance for a long time.

People using the ATV for more than 3 hours per week, need to replace the tires every 4 months or so. The lifespan of an ATV depends on various factors including the terrain you are riding, riding speed, type of usage etc. Another factor that plays a huge role in the lifetime of time is the quality of the tire.

If you are going for a cheaper rubber tire, then it will eventually wear out quickly. But when you buy ATV tires from reputed brands, not only they provide longer life but also exceptional performance as well.

Hardcore riders who ride for more than 7 hours a week, need to check their tires regularly. But it is always better to check your owner’s manual for the recommendation provided by your ATV manufacturer.

How to make your ATV tires last longer?

To ensure that your ATV tires last for a long time, you need to do the following:

Change Tires Often
Changing tires doesn’t mean replacing with a new tire, but to change the position of the tires. In other words, you change the rear ones to the front or change the lower left front tire to the rear right etc. It only ensures that the tire treading is maintained at an even level, but also taking corners are slicker.

Check the Tire Inflation
Another important factor to consider is the proper inflation of your quad’s tire. When using an under-inflated or over-inflated ATV tires can cause severe damages to the treads. It also can affect the handling of your ATV to a great extent.

No Overload
Overloading is another major reason that might reduce the lifetime of the ATV tires. Generally, it is not recommended to ride an ATV with more than 1 person as it could wear out the tires soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it important to have all 4 tires to be of the same brand and type?
A: Yes, it is important to have all 4 tires of the same brand, size and type because without doing so will cause drive train damage. It also ensures that the variance is minimized to a great extent.

Q: Do wider ATV tires provide larger life?
A: While larger tires will give a macho-look to your ATV, it still gives a lot of stress on your ATV. Hence, it is always recommended to go with the stock tires that come with the ATV.