How Much Does It Cost to Dyno an ATV?

How much does it cost to dyno an ATV

People who own an ATV always look for various ways to increase their performance. And one of the best ways to do that is through dyno tuning. In this article, we’ll look at what is dyno tuning, the costs involved and why dyno tuning is important for an ATV etc.


What is Dyno Tuning an ATV?

If you want your ATV engine to run at its peak, then it is important to dyno tune your ATV. Dyno tuning is a process that involves using a dynamometer (dyno) to measure engine performance. 

Generally, it takes 2-3 pulls from the engine to get various engine output including air/fuel pressure, horsepower, torque reading, valve timings, issues with spark plugs, fuel injection etc. 

With the various engine readings at hand, it would be easy to tune up your ATV to achieve peak performance. In simple words, dyno tuning your ATV is nothing but putting your ATV through several load conditions and tests to determine the best settings to achieve maximum results.

So how much does it cost to dyno an ATV?

Dyno tuning an ATV can cost anywhere between $100 – $300. A basic dyno tuning session consists of 2-3 pulls to gather data about air/fuel ratio, horsepower and torque reading etc. 

A complete dyno tuning session involves testing your ATV under various engine loads and conditions to get the ideal settings to tune your ATV to get the maximum performance. 

Why do ATVs need dyno tuning?

Dyno tuning is mostly done to increase the performance of an ATV. But some go for dyno tuning when they have their ATV engine modified. The reason behind this is, when the engine is modified, the fuel requirements, as well as exhaust needs, change gradually. Even carburetors and EFI cannot adjust on their own to the modified engine requirements. Hence, it is necessary to dyno tune an ATV with a modified engine to check the exact engine requirements and tune up accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How dyno tuning can increase the performance of my ATV?
A: Dyno tuning an ATV gives the best settings that match the exact needs of your ATV. It helps not only to achieve peak performance but also ensuring a longer engine life, smooth drivability and excellent fuel economy too.

Q: Does dyno tuning and ATV can save cost on repairs?
A: Yes, a dyno tuned ATV doesn’t require much work from the engine when compared with a regular ATV and hence the wear and tear are much lower leading to a lesser chance of repairs.

Q: Will dyno tuning damage my ATV tires?
A: The drum on the dynamometer is knurled and there are chances it could cause slight wear on your ATV tires. But not to worry anyway.

Q: How long does it take to dyno tune an ATV?
A: It mostly depends on the type and build of your ATV. Generally, it takes anywhere between 1-2 hours for dyno tuning an ATV.