How Many Miles Can a Jeep Commander Last? Are They Reliable?

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Jeep is known for making some of the most iconic off-road vehicles of all time. Their cars are rugged, durable, and tend to do upwards of 200,000 miles on average. One of their discontinued offerings is the Jeep Commander, a potential bargain in today’s market.

The all-important question, though, is how many miles can a Jeep commander last? On average, a Jeep Commander will last 10-15 years and can do between 150,000 and 200,000 miles. A lot depends on the car’s maintenance, so there’s considerable variability when it comes to the mileage.

Those searching in the used car market for a reliable mid-size SUV should consider the Jeep Commander as a viable option. With the proper maintenance, the car is capable of exceeding the 200,000-mile barrier. Here’s everything that potential buyers need to know about the Jeep Commander.


The Jeep Commander

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Some people are surprised to hear the answer when they ask how many miles can a jeep commander last. The car came out in 2003 and featured the same platform as the Grand Cherokee. Instead of featuring a more aerodynamic design like the Cherokee, the Commander was boxier. Jeep included a third-row seat to increase the seating capacity to seven, making the Commander a popular choice for large families.

Jeep Commander Reliability

One of the main reasons why customers choose to buy a Jeep vehicle is its reliable nature. Is the Jeep Commander reliable? In short, yes, while it might not be the most reliable vehicle that Jeep offer, it still manages to last a good number of miles. Thanks to the fact that Jeep builds their cars with rugged off-roading in mind, the vehicles can handle a lot of punishment and manage to drive away comfortably afterwards.

With the proper care and management, the Commander will serve you comfortably as an everyday drive. While it’s natural for an older car to present a few issues, these aren’t very major, and the right mechanic can fix everything. In short, the Jeep commander reliability score is decent; it’s an excellent option for anyone that needs an everyday driver.

With high mileage vehicles, I would always suggest investing in a budget friendly vehicle code scanner. Older vehicles typically throw up a few fault codes, so with a scanner at least you know what these are and can search for the codes online. The great thing about these scanners is that you can reset most dashboard warning lights, and you may get lucky and the lights might not return. A great scanner that we have used in our workshop is the Foxwell NT301 OBD2 scanner. Its not the cheapest but definitely worth having if you have an older car and want to fault find yourself rather than paying for expensive auto shop diagnostics.


After its introduction in 2006, the Jeep Commander was one the market for four years and saw discontinuation in 2010. Why did they stop making Jeep commanders? Well, there were several contributing factors behind the decision to discontinue the vehicle.

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Primarily, the main reason was the existence of the Grand Cherokee. The Commander is built on the same platform as the Cherokee. Still, the styling is entirely different, and it features a third row. This won’t be a problem if the third-row seat increases the utility of the vehicles. However, the Commander isn’t significantly larger than the Cherokee, and the inclusion of the third-row seat cramps things up at the back.

That’s not the only reason why the Commander was discontinued. Another contributing factor was the engines of the vehicle. It was available in three variants, a base V6, optional 4.7L Magnum, and 5.7L Hemi. The issue with these engines was that the base V6 wasn’t powerful enough to offer the necessary standard of performance. In comparison, the 4.7L Magnum and 5.7L Hemi engines provide significantly better performance. However, these engines offer an abysmal gas mileage, which only gets worse as time goes on.

Ultimately the popularity of the Grand Cherokee was among the main reasons why Jeep made the decision to discontinue the Commander.

Which model of the Jeep Commander is the best?

The Commander saw four different years of production. However, there were no significant differences in the trims that were available.

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The Base/Sport trim option available from 2006-2010 features either the 3.7L V6 engine or the 4.7L V8 engine. Each year features alloy wheels, cloth seats, keyless entry, and several modern utilities.


The limited-edition trim saw production from 2006-2010, featuring a 4.7L Magnum or the powerful 5.7L HEMI V8 engine. While it features all the highlights from the Base/Sport trim, the limited edition also features six Boston Acoustics speakers, a security system, and leather seat covers.


This edition of the Commander first saw production in 2007, and it ran till 2009. It was essentially a more off-road capable version of the base commander. Featuring a wire-mesh grille, a wood-trimmed steering wheel, and other cosmetic upgrades.

65th Anniversary Edition

The 65th-anniversary edition of the Commander only saw production in 2006 and is available with a 3.7L or 4.7L engine. The Commander’s highlights are the special 65th-anniversary badges, power driver seats, auto front headlamps, premium speakers, and darkened alloy wheels.

Out of these trims, arguably, the limited edition 5.7L V8 Hemi is the best option. The vehicle might be a little thirsty, but the performance is worth the gas bill. Those interested in the car should opt for either a 2006 model or a 2007 model. There are bargains available on the market.

Why are Jeep Commanders such a bargain?

A lot of people wonder why are Jeep Commanders so cheap? One of the main reasons is that the vehicle has been discontinued by Jeep. Still, because it uses the same platform as the Grand Cherokee, repairs are readily available. Another reason is that the car is not a perfect buy at list price and saw rapid depreciation over the years. At this point, it’s a brilliant bargain option if gas isn’t a significant concern.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Jeep Commander Reliable?

Yes, the Jeep Commander is one of the most reliable used mid-size SUVs on the market. It’s a Jeep vehicle, and with the proper maintenance, it’s capable of easily clocking in over 200,000 miles.

Do Jeep Commanders have a lot of problems?

When it comes to 2006 Jeep Commander problems, the people reported faults with the electrical systems. One of the most common 2007 Jeep Commander problems was that the battery could potentially die.

Is the Jeep Commander economical?

When it comes to mileage, the base model Commander manages to perform at an average level. However, the 4.7L and 5.7L versions are not economical at all. Owners interested in purchasing the Jeep Commander need to consider how much fuel the larger trims consume!

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