Are ATV Wheel Spacers Safe?

Are atv wheel spacers safe

The topic of whether wheel spaces are safe for ATV’s are going on for many years. In this article, we’ll look are they safe to use in your ATV, advantages and disadvantages etc.


Are ATV Wheel Spacers Safe?

Yes, Wheel spacers are absolutely safe to be used in ATVs, if they are installed properly by professionals. Mostly failures do occur with wheel spacers, not because of their installation, only because it was not installed properly.

Ways to ensure the safety of wheel spacers

  • First and foremost, you need to make use of branded and quality products. Just because some parts are cheap, please don’t use it. Remember, the higher the price, the higher the quality. 
  • When you push the wheels out more, it literally changes everything how the suspension system works. Wheel spacing is generally used by riders to offer a wider stance and more ground clearance. The general rule is to choose between 0.5-3 inches. 
  • It is highly important to keep a constant eye on these spacers. Just make sure to check it after a hard run or rotate the tires to see if there is an anomaly
  • ATV experts recommend using a hub centric wheel spacer. Make sure to use spacer relevant to your hub size and wheel size. 
  • Ensure to get wheel spacers with a wider diameter as it allows the pressure to get distributed equally

Advantages of using wheel spacers

  • Better Stability: Wheel spacers offer a wider stance to your ATV along with larger ground clearance. This ensures that the ATV gains a lot of stability than before. Sharp turns are not a matter of concern anymore and you feel all the more safer.
  • Wheel spacers allow you to install taller and bigger tires without any problems. Normally, when you install bigger tires, you may get some rubbing issues.
  • Installing wheel spacers gives an aggressive look to your ATV. 

Disadvantages of using Wheel Spacers

  • Installing wheel spacers will not only widen the stance of the ATV but will also make it hard to steer in tough conditions.
  • Wheel spacers also don’t make it easy on trails as you can notice brushing with rocks and edges a lot
  • It will also cause your tires to wear out quicker than normal, especially the wheel bearings.
  • Prepared to get dirty as wider wheels tend to spray a lot more dirt and mud than normal. Fender flares can help you overcome this problem, but that means added expense too
  • Sometimes, having wheel spacers will make it hard to fit inside a trailer or a pickup truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does installing wheel spacers affect the bearings?
A: Yes, if the wheel spacers are not installed properly, then it will cause the wheels to wear out sooner and the wheel bearings getting ruined in quick time.

Q: What is the difference between hub centric and lug centric?
A: Hub centric is specially designed taking into account the hub size and wheel size. Lug centric wheel spacers are ones that are designed to fit onthe center of studs and not the hubs.