Yellow Exclamation Mark On Dashboard: What Does It Mean?

Yellow exclamation mark on dashboard

Nowadays, many modern cars have dashboards that are packed with various dials. These dials are convenient, and it helps a driver know if there’s an issue with their car. The dashboard dial we would be focusing on is the yellow exclamation mark that appears on your car’s dashboard. This dial keeps an eye on the air pressure in the car’s tires. This article will focus on the basic things you should know regarding the yellow exclamation mark on your dashboard.

Yellow exclamation mark on dashboard


How Do I Turn The Yellow Exclamation Mark On Dashboard Light Off?

The yellow exclamation mark warning light appears when your car’s tires are underinflated. To shut this dial off, the driver should immediately head for a gas station or a rest stop with an air pump. The tires on the car should get inflated to the car’s recommended PSI. Tires usually lose pressure because of a small puncture or leak or a sudden decrease in the temperature.

If your tire is punctured, you should go to a nearby service center and get it replaced. If you have a bit for miles to drive, use your spare tire to replace the punctured one. Doing these can save you the hassle of experiencing a flat tire while driving on the road. It is also worth investing in an excellent portable tire compressor like the highly rated AstroAi if you encounter this problem while you are at a roadside away from any nearby gas stations and air pumps and without spare tires.

How Do Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) Work?

The TPMS uses a sensor that is mounted on the car’s wheel, and this sensor measures the air pressure located in each of the car’s tires. When your car’s air pressure drops 25% below its recommended level, and if one or more of the tires are low on air, the sensor activates and relays this information to your vehicle’s computer system. This lights up the yellow exclamation mark that appears on your car’s dashboard.

Can You Drive With The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light On?

No, it is very unsafe to continue driving when your TPMS lights are on. If you continue to drive with your tires having issues, this could cause a blowout that could be dangerous to you and other people present on the road. It is highly recommended that you head for the nearest gas station or rest stop with an air pump, replace the affected wheel or wheels with a spare, or use a portable tire compressor.


The yellow exclamation mark on dashboard is a conducive warning light that could save and notify drivers of your car’s tire troubles. While this dial rarely lights up, it should not be ignored when it does. Keeping an eye on this dial and following the above-recommended countermeasures to solve this issue like using a portable tire compressor, visiting a gas station or rest stop with an air pump, or changing the tires is highly recommended and should be followed to avoid any potential road accidents.