Tracks on an ATV vs a Snowmobile – Which Is Best?

Tracks on an ATV vs a snowmobile

When it comes to comparing whether tracks are better on ATVs or snowmobiles, getting tracks on an ATV can be a bit expensive and if you can afford, then ATV with tracks is quite a handy vehicle. But remember, quads are not specially designed to work on snow whereas snow mobiles are expertly designed to only handle snow-clad terrains.

Let’s look how both compare on various aspects in this article.

What’s better: tracks on an ATV or using a snowmobile?

There are quite a few differences when it comes to comparing Tracks on ATV vs as snowmobile.

When  it comes to power, snowmobiles are always the better option as they generate more power and more agile on snow. While ATV wit tracks may find it hard to move on deep snow, these snow mobiles can easily wade through thick snow. 

This can generally vary based on the model you own, but for comparison sake, when you compare a sled and a quad from the same company, the Arctic Cat Mud Pro weighs around 100 kgs which is way more than the Mountain cat sled. So, generally snowmobiles are much lighter than the 4-wheeled quads with tracks. Hence, Snowmobiles are easier to handle on even on thick snow whereas ATVs are already a lot of weight and with the addition of tracks can find it difficult. 

Advantages of an ATV with Tracks 

But you just cannot brush away ATVs as they give you more traction and when using tracks, it provides larger ground clearance. Installing tracks on ATVs also lift the vehicle higher for some distance that allows avoiding many obstacles on the way. 

Tracks on ATVs give your more stability when compared to all-terrain tires as it gives more surface area. Another important highlight of using tracks on ATVs is that it reduces a lot of accidents as the roll overs are largely reduced.

But the major disadvantage of using tracks on ATVs is that it reduces the speed of the vehicle to a great extent. Depending on the power, the speed can be reduced up to 50%. Handling is also reduced to some extent which affect the vehicle performance too.

But one of the major advantages of using tracks on ATVs is that it can become a vehicle to be used all year round. You don’t need to spend extra money only to buy a vehicle to be used during the winter. If you can spend a few thousand dollars, you can get your self a good set of branded tracks.

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When it comes to which is the best, tracks on ATV or a snowmobile, the obvious choice is to go for an ATV with tracks. The main reason ATVs are utility vehicles and are much safer than sleds. If needed you can even windshields and heaters on your ATVs for a much comfortable and safer ride through the snow, but it cannot be done on a snowmobile though.