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Polaris Ranger or Kubota RTV? What to choose?

Polaris Ranger or Kubota RTV? What to choose?

I still haven’t figured out what to buy between these two vehicles. I spent weeks looking for models from Polaris Ranger vs Kubota RTVs. I mostly used UTV’s for hauling my equipment, supplying and transferring material in different locations, farming, but of course, playing with it as well because who doesn’t, right?

So, I went to the nearest UTV warehouse and made a rugged head-to-head comparison by testing the models to answer the underlying question that got stuck in the back of my head, and this article could also provide help as well to drivers who have trouble choosing between these two UTV’s

The three things that I look for and probably for most UTV drivers are the cargo capacity for storing tools and equipment, the durability of the engines, and the speed performances. These are the result I gathered from comparing the Polaris Ranger vs Kubota RTV – two models from each brand.


Polaris Ranger Models

Polaris Ranger

Polaris Ranger 500 EFI

If you need more capacity storage, this one is for you.

I first notice from Polaris’s Ranger 500 EFI is the storage. If you are very committed to your farm work or love using UTV’s for hunting, you need a large capacity for storing tons of gear and equipment, and this model gives you that. Compared to the Kubota RTV 900, which has ridiculously no cap storage. The Rangers 500 EFI has four-in-dashboard storage with new dual front arms that provides a smoother ride. Plus 50% easier steering power and ergonomics. How cool was that?

Polaris Ranger 570

If you have trouble with transferring goods, you need this one.

For this model, the Polaris Ranger 570, the star feature on this vehicle is mainly the speed. When I tested it, I surprisingly reached 80 km/h quickly. Compared to its competitor model, the Kubota RTV-X900 only provides 25 mph. Another advantage of Ranger 570 is smooth and responsive, but it feels light, especially during tight turns. This model is suitable for drivers who need fast engines to save time while transferring perishable from a vast distance.

Kubota RTV Models

The next is the Kubota model. Kubota is probably known for being the best-selling vehicle that provides diesel utility. And most people compare the Polaris Ranger vs the Kubota RTV for many different reasons, but the Kubota RTV offers excellent features that can match Polaris Rangers.

Kubota RTV 900

If engine size and power is your priority

When I checked on the benchmark placement of Kubota RTV 900, the model exceeds its high performance, its engine durability, and reliability. The Kubota RTV 900 is mainly focusing on engine size and power. The specification of this particular model is it provides 60/40 bench seats and good hydrostatic control for smoother and manageable steering actions.

Kubota RTV-X900

If your task requires heavy work, this UTV is the one you need

For this next one, the main competition of Kubota RTV-X900 in the Polaris Rangers UTV range is the Ranger 570. While comparing these two models, I noticed that this Kubota is mainly designed for drivers doing heavy work, like farming or hunting. What I loved about RTX-X900 is has a perfect cover to protect vulnerable parts.

The hydrostatic transmission power might be difficult to get used to, but you will surely love the performance once you get comfortable with it. If the loud noises of the engine on your UTV are bugging you, let me remind you that RTX-X900 is a lot louder than the Ranger 570.