How to Quiet an ATV Exhaust Noise?


ATVs are popular because of their speed. Everything about an ATV is good except for one thing, they are noisy. You often see ATV owners complaining about the loud noise of their ATVs and they desperately want to know how to quite an ATV exhaust noise. The sound is so loud that you cannot even hear your voice, let alone enjoying your favourite track!

It’s not just your ATV but the loud exhaust is a universal story in the ATV world. The only difference is that some are less noisy while others are loud enough to make you deaf. If you are one of those riders who think the loud noise produced by an ATV is an issue then you are in the right place. We are here to discuss the ways through which you can silence your ATV noise.


Why are ATVs so noisy?

It must have crossed your mind that why ATVs are so noisy. The main reason is that the engine doesn’t have a good sound insulation system. If you have noticed, most of the ATV engines are left uncovered. Every time you start the engine, it produces a loud sound. This sound is often so loud that you may end up hating your ATV. That’s because it doesn’t let you ride in peace. No matter at what speed you drive your ATV, the loud sound is there.

If you compare the loud sound of an ATV with that of a car, you will realize the difference. Car engines are covered because of which they produce very little noise. The cover used over the engine helps in sound deadening. Another valid reason could be the lack of efficient mufflers on the engine. Most of the ATV manufacturers don’t bother to provide a good enough muffler with the engine. 

So these are the two possible reasons why your ATV gets so noisy. But there are ways in which you can stop the noise. We have covered these in the next few sections.

Why should you silence your ATV exhaust noise?

ATV exhaust

Now the question is why you would want to silence the exhaust noise of your ATV. The most obvious reason for us to protect your hearing. ATV bikes are very loud and being subjected to this loud noise for long can have an impact on your ability to hear.

You will be surprised to know but the DB levels of the noise are higher than 90. This is high enough to affect your hearing for a lifetime. This should be the biggest reason to silence your ATV quad. If you are riding your quad very rarely, you may ignore the fix but if you ride it regularly then you have all the reasons to get it fixed.

Many people love to go out for hunting on their quads. All that is fine but if you are riding a loud ATV, it will alert the animals of your approach. Thus, it will scare them away. You cannot silence your quad more than 25%. But even that is fine in comparison to the deafening noise that it produces.

The good thing is that there are many ways to silence your ATV quad bike. The best thing to do is to use a silencer. Other than that, you can also repack your muffler.

Aftermarket Silencer Options

Aftermarket Silencer Options

You can find many silencer and muffler systems in the market. You can use these options to silence your ATV up to 10 to 15 decibels, which is still better than nothing.

With so many options available in the market, it often gets confusing choosing the right one. If you are looking for the best product then you can try the silencer of the brand name called the Silent Rider. Currently, this is the best brand in the market. This is the best choice for you if you want to silence your quad quickly and without any hassles.

One of the best silencers from the Silent Rider is The Silent Rider ATV Silencer BT-825. It comes with a custom fit so that you can easily fit it on any ATV you want. Unlike other silencers, this one is easy to install. The product is also backed by 1 years warranty to make your purchase risk free.

The Homemade/DIY Option

If you are not ready to invest in a silencer or muffler system, then you have the DIY options to try. We have listed some of the best DIY methods for you.

Use earplugs
The loud noise produced by a quad bike is harmful to your health. If you cannot find the right silencer for your ATV model then you can get some high-quality earplugs. Although this is not a recommended option, you can still try it for a temporary period.

You should know that using earplugs or earmuffs will prevent you from hearing any other sound in the background. Therefore, you should not rely on this method completely. It is important to keep in mind because of safety reasons.

Get your engine checked
Sometimes the loud noise may be the result of a faulty engine. If you notice that the sound of the engine has gone up then chances are that your engine has some problems. This is why you are advised to maintain your ATV regularly. 

Get new and fat tires
Many of you may not know this but by replacing the tires of an ATV quad, you can cut down on the noise that it makes. You should get fatter tires as they have more rubber sidewalls that can absorb the road’s impact.