How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild an ATV Engine?

How much does it cost to rebuild an ATV engine

ATV’s have come a long way as there has been a major revolution in the ATV industry. With the introduction of high-performance ATV motors, the quad scene has become more vibrant. Engines come with more power and weight lesser than before. But it does come with a price of its own.

High-performance engines cannot be compared with farm quads and cost a lot more than other quads. But no matter what kind of ATV you have, you still need to take good care of the engine and other parts or else you might be spending a lot on service and maintenance. In this article we’ll look at the cost to rebuild an ATV engine and things you need to know before going for an ATV Engine Rebuild.


What’s the average cost to rebuild an ATV Engine?

It costs averagely around $500 – $700 to rebuild an ATV engine. But some ATV repair shops asks you to buy the new parts needed or give them an upfront fee for the parts need to be replaced and charge an hourly rate for the rebuilding work.

Things You Need to Know Before Going For an ATV Rebuild

Know How to Protect Your Engines

Some motors break down early.  The ones that go bad soon are the ones that may not have been maintained properly. The owners may not have changed the oil at the correct intervals, or even checked the oil needs to be changed. Keep in mind, that in high-performance engines, they spill out some amount of oil at a higher rpm or at higher speeds. But it is quite normal for high-performance motors. But ensure if you have a high -performance motor, then ensure to fill the engine with high-quality and branded synthetic oils. Always stay away from motor oils as they could damage the gears. And ensure to follow the proper break in procedure before testing your ATVs at higher speeds.

How to Know its Time to Rebuild Your Engine

There are plenty of indications that help you know when it is time for a rebuild. Some of the frequent and common indicators is when the motor stops while running and emanating a thick black smoke. But one should not wait till that very end till the motor gets damaged so bad but need to rebuild the engine before that. Experts recommend using an hour meter in your ATV. If you are an aggressive rider, then you may need to replace a new piston for every 50 hours of ride. It is also recommended to use a magnetic drain plug that collects automatically collects metal that falls from the ATV. And if you notice any big metal being collected, then its time for a complete check. Other signs that indicate an engine rebuild or exhaust smoke and takes a lot of time to start the engine. 

Seek the Help of Professionals

Even if you know a lot about ATV engines, it is always better to seek the help of professional service persons. As it is not your job to rebuild ATV engines, but these professional day in and day out work with ATV engines. Hence, they know exactly everything kind of engine and what it is needed to completely rebuild an ATV engine to make it run like it previously.

Understand the Costs Involved to Rebuild an ATV Engine

If you are blind about the costs involved for rebuilding an ATV engine, then you could be taken for a ride. Generally service centers can charge you an upfront cost for the parts or can charge you hourly for the entire rebuild. Normally, the hourly costs may come anywhere between $50-$100.

Understand What’s Needed For an ATV Engine Rebuild

Modern valves may persist for a long time, and you do not need to substitute them frequently as your piston. You can also personally check if the valves and seats are leaking using some contact cleaner. If it is leaking then you need to replace them. Or else, it is perfectly good to go on with those. You don’t want to replace the cylinder unless the it has considerable damage or wear. Your cranks need to be if has major issues. Gears are okay unless the engine jumps out of gear. The latest cams can last for a long time and no problem in that end, anyway it is better to have them checked too.

What are O.E. Parts?

Original Equipment (OE) manufacturer parts are the one that the ATV manufacturers recommend in case if you are in a necessity to replace. It is always better to go with OE parts, because the manufacturer would have tested the ATV with these parts. If you have a friend or an online store with discounts for parts, then you save some money. Generally ordering online saves a lot than buying from a local store.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s included in a standard engine rebuild?
A: The engine will be completely disassembled from the ATV and complete overhaul of the engine takes place right from inspection to clean-up. Also, all parts that are worn-out will be replaced along with a full service of the engine.

 Q: What is the turnaround time for an ATV engine rebuild?
A: It largely depends on how many parts need to be replaced, the type of engine, the age of the engine etc. Generally, it takes around 4-6 weeks for a complete ATV engine rebuild.

Q: Do I get any kind of warranty for my rebuilt engine?
A: Generally, no one will offer you warranty for rebuilt engines.