How Much Does It Cost to Powder Coat an ATV Frame?

How much does it cost to powder coat an atv frame

Powder coating ATV Frames are mostly done to protect the frames from UV and moisture. Powder coating is basically an alternative to painting the frames. A protective finish is applied on the frames for added protection. In this article, we’ll take a look at how much does it cost to powder coat your ATV frames, the actual process involved and why an ATV need a powder coat etc.

What are the costs involved in Shipping an ATV?

Generally, it costs between $150-200 to powder coat an ATV frame. And this includes all activities like masking the threads, abrasive blasting, preparing the frame for coating and using a stock color for the coat. The rates may vary depending the type of finish you want and if any specialty colors need to be used.

Why Powder an ATV Frame?

Paint alone cannot safeguard your ATV from the natural elements. Over the course of a few years with all the ride on dirt and mud, your ATV’s will lose their showroom look. To change that shoddy look and bring back a slick and stylish look to your ATV, powder coating is vital. 

Powder coating is far better than painting as it helps in preventing your frames from getting rusted. Even if you are dune rider, if your ATV is powder coated, then you never need to worry about losing that shiny look. Powder coated ATV frames stand the test of time keeps your ATV looking fresh all day. But cleaning is important if you need that shiny look all the time.

After every ride, it is recommended to clean your ATV to clear of all the dirt and dust from the frames. Powder coating also protects your ATV from grease and grime, if you wish to ride along the city streets.

People say that powder coating an ATV will increase its weight. Yes, some ounces of weight will be added, but it not a lot for a concern. But remember, that powder coating an ATV Frame is much expensive than painting. This is because powder coating involves a lot of preparations, specialized ovens for curing etc. And if you think you can powder coat your ATV frame in your backyard, you are terribly wrong. It is not like a simple paint job, as you need specialized equipment. Hence, if you are looking for a powder coat, seek the help of a professional powder coating company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do powder coating last?
A: It largely depends on the type of preparation and the kind of powder used. Generally, powder coating an ATV Frame may last from 3-4 years.

Q: Is powder coating a better option than paint?
A: Yes, Powder coating is obviously a better option than paint as it is more resistant to moisture, UV. It also retains the color for a long time.

Q: Is powder coating durable?
A: Yes, powder coated ATV frames are highly resistant to cracks and provides good abrasive capabilities.


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