How Much Are ATVs? | What Do Four Wheelers/Quads Cost?

How much does it cost to buy an atv

If you are looking to buy an ATV for your own or want to gift it to a friend or family, then the first thing you would want to know how much does it cost? If you directly go to an ATV dealer, they will pitch in all sort of things, and you may end spending a lot more than intended. Hence, it is better to do a little research about what is the real purpose of buying an ATV, your budget and the features you look for in an ATV.

How much does an ATV cost? If you are looking to buy a mini-ATV for your kid, then it would generally cost less than $3000. But if you are looking for a 450CC ATV, the costs could go up to $6000-$8000. People looking for a more aggressive and powerful ATV can look for 700CC and higher models. But these high-performance models could cost you a lot and can be priced around $8000 and higher. 

Still confused about buying an ATV, then please read on till the end. We have done a lot of research on various ATV models and provided everything you want to know before buying an ATV. One of the important factors is the budget, and this article will shed light on the cost of various models of ATVs for various type of ATV users.

But if you don’t intend to spend a lot of money on an ATV, then better go for a Used ATV. The prices of a Used ATV may largely differ based on the model, size, age, number of miles used, etc. If you are a recreational rider, then it is better to go for a Used ATV and save a lot of money.


Which ATV model is best suited for you?

ATVs are used in the US for various purposes, including adventure rides, recreational rides, agricultural purposes, hauling equipment, etc. The ATV cost is determined by the size of the engine. It is the engine size that determines the power, performance, and speed of the ATV. Generally, ATVs come in 50CC – 800CC models. There are various types of ATVs to choose from as listed below:

Mini ATVs

If you are looking to buy an ATV for your kids, then you can go with Mini ATVs. These quads are specially designed for kids and teens and are generally cheaper than other types of ATVs. These quads are mainly designed with lot of safety aspects. These engines will automatically stop when the kids fall off from the ATV to prevent the kid from being dragged along with the ATV. The engine size of Mini ATVs ranges from 50CC – 125CC. 

Entry-Level ATVs

The entry-level ATVs are specially designed for grown-up teens and youths. These are mainly designed for only recreational activities and cannot be used for utility works. The engine size may vary from 125CC – 250CC. Another highlight of the entry-level quads is that they come with automatic transmission. Teens and youths looking to try out quads for the first time can go in for these entry-level models before moving into sports and high-performance quads.

Utility Quads

As the name suggests, the Utility ATVs are specially designed to carry out heavy work, including plowing fields, hauling equipment, etc. These types of ATVs are mostly used in factories, farms and construction sites. Utility Quads were also mainly used by hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts as these ATVs are designed to handle all kind of terrain with ease. Even though the suspension is limited, the engine performance is a lot higher when compared with other types of ATVs. Utility ATVs comes with an engine size that ranges anywhere between 250CC-750CC.

Sport Quads

People looking to buy ATV for sporting purposes can go with Sports quads. These ATVs come packed with zippy engines, great suspension, and superior handling capabilities. Sports ATVs are the best for people looking to turn on the adrenaline by jumping and hitting great speeds and taking sharp turns. Handling is a major factor with Sports quads as sporting requires racing in tough terrains and require greater control. Utility ATVs comes with an engine size that ranges anywhere between 200CC-400CC.

Sport/Utility ATVs

People looking for a versatile ATV that combines the features of both a Utility quad and a sports quad can choose this type of ATVs. The market is filled with various flexible models in this type and generally, these ATVs pack powerful engines. The size of a sports/utility engine can range between 250cc – 800cc.

High-Performance ATVs

These are the best-in-class ATVs and most of these models come with a higher speed of acceleration when compared to other ATV types. These ATVs can handle all kinds of terrain with ease. The engine size of the high-performance engine may vary between 350CC – 700CC. And high-performance ATVs are very expensive than the others.

Things to consider while buying an ATV

When it comes to buying an ATV, there are a lot of factors to consider as outlined below:

2 Stroke or 4-Stroke

ATVs come with two different kinds of engines, 2-stroke, and 4-stroke engines. When compared with 2-stroke engines, 4-stroke engines pack a punch as they offer a lot of stability, produces less noise, low levels of pollutions and energy saving too. But 4-stroke engine is expensive than the 2-stroke engines. 

Automatic or Manual Gears

Next factor that you need to consider is whether you want to change the gears manually or automatic gear shifting. Generally, auto gear ATVs are considered to be easy to operate.

Disc or Drum Brake

Next in line for consideration when buying an ATV is whether you need a disc or drum brake. While disc brakes apply hydraulic pressure to stop the vehicle, the drum brake uses brake pads that rub onto the wheel to stop it immediately.