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How Much Does an ATV Weigh?

How Much Does an ATV Weigh?

One good thing about ATVs is that they are available in all shapes and sizes. This gives you the chance to get an ATV according to your specific choice and requirements. When it comes to buying an ATV, the weight of the vehicle is one of the main considerations that you should take into account as it can affect both handling and outright speed.

How Much Does An ATV Weigh? ATVs usually weigh around 220 to 1170 pounds. However, this is the dry weight of the machine which means the weight without any fluids or passengers. If you opt for a full-size ATV then you are looking at a 700 pounds vehicle. After adding all the fluids, the weight of the vehicle will increase by around 60 pounds.


Why do you need to consider weight when buying an ATV?

weight when buying an ATV

So you have decided to buy an ATV and the first question that you might consider is how much your ATV weighs. But why is the weight of ATV vehicle important? 

There are many reasons why considering the weight of an ATV vehicle is important. If you opt for a heavier vehicle chances are that you won’t be able to tow it. Usually, ATVs are 700 pounds but few models can weigh more than that. It is easier to tow an average model of 700 pounds. But if the weight is more than that then towing may get difficult. In this case, you will have to call for a pickup!

Another valid reason for checking the weight is fuel consumption. It is quite obvious that a heavier vehicle will consume more fuel than a lighter one. If fuel economy is important to you then it’s well worth checking the weight of the vehicle.

Also, if you are a newbie rider, handling a heavier vehicle could also be problematic for you. To start your ATV riding, it might be sensible to opt for a lighter vehicle. 

What are the pros of a heavy ATV? 

Heavier ATVs are not always a bad choice. They do have some benefits to offer. Some of the main benefits you can get from a heavier vehicle include:

  • Comfort

One of the main advantages of using heavy ATV is that it serves as a comfortable ride. It is good for riding on a bumpy road as it has a better suspension. Not just that but heavy ATVs are also good for people who have back and neck problems. That’s because heavier ATVs come with an upright sitting position. This allows you to sit a bit higher which puts less stress on your back and neck.

  • Better for offroading

If you are looking for the ideal option for offroading then heavier ATVs are the best choice. They are also suitable for riding rough terrain. This is achieved because of their capable suspension systems. Not just that but they are also very rugged. 

  • Faster

Another benefit of driving a heavier ATV is that they are often much faster than the lighter ones (mainly due to their larger engine size). That’s because they are equipped with better acceleration. If you are looking for speed then you should opt for a heavier ATV ride.

What are the pros of a light ATV? 

light ATV

Lightweight ATVs are known to provide plenty of benefits which include:

  • Uses less fuel

Unlike heavier quad bikes, lightweight vehicles use less fuel. This will help you save a lot of money in the long run. So if you need to maintain fuel economy then opting for a lightweight ATV would be a good option.

  • Affordable 

Lightweight ATVs are generally priced less than the heavier ones. This is yet another reason why many of the riders opt for lighter ATVs. If you are on a budget then this could be a good option.

  • Easier to manoeuver

A lightweight ATV is also easy to manoeuver. If you are a newbie then you can find comfort in a lightweight vehicle. For someone new to ATVs it can be really hard to handle a heavier ride. 

How to make your ATV heavier

If you have a lighter ATV that you want to make heavier then you have a few options. The best and the easiest way of increasing the weight of your vehicle is to add big and heavy tires. The extra weight of the tire will contribute to the overall weight of the ride.

How to make your ATV lighter?

One of the best ways to make your ATV lighter is to remove the roof if of course, you have one. By doing so you will get rid of the additional weight of the roof and therefore, your vehicle becomes lighter than before. This option is also suitable for beginners.

ATV lighter

ATV Weight Classes (e.g. 1000 cc, etc.) 

The different classes of ATVs include:

  • Under 100 cc

These are mainly known as mini quads and are meant for kids. They are safe and fun to use.

  • 200cc

This is the best option for beginners who are learning to ride an ATV bike for the first time.

  • 350cc

This is also considered to be an ideal option for learners. The lightweight of the vehicle makes it easier for you to handle.

  • 450cc

This is one of the best options that come with both fuel economy and acceleration. You get everything in one single deal.

  • 600cc

If you want a heavier vehicle then this could be your option. They are more comfortable than their smaller engine counterparts.

  • 700cc and up

If you want the beast of ATVs then you should opt for something above 700cc.