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How many miles will an ATV last?

How many miles will an ATV last?

You have thought long and hard about which version ATV is ideal for your requirements, but until you spend your hard-earned dollars to the quad that you dream about, spare a thought about the how many miles your ATV will last.

Each ATV differs, and spending money on repairs and spares is part of owning an ATV. But there comes a time when you start thinking it is the best way to stop spending your hard-earned money or repairs and replacing parts regularly. You may start thinking it is better to sell your used ATV and spend your cash in a brand new one when repair work begins costing more than you spent on the purchase.

Many ATVs will persist for quite a very long time with proper maintenance and consistency in handling. Spending time and effort in taking good care of your ATV will help save you money in the future and avoid spending money in ATV engine rebuilds. 

The average life of an ATV is higher when compared to the wear and tear it takes and lots of riders on the out there clocking up huge miles on their ATV without any hassles. The Used ATV market is mainly flourishing because people believe that Used ATVs not only save them several thousands of dollars but also trust them to go on for several more years.

ATV Mileage and Lifespan

It is not possible for anyone to estimate the lifetime of an ATV as it largely depends on various factors including your riding style, maintenance, terrain, etc. If you do plenty of street riding, you create only a little wear on your ATV but still able to clock up several hundred miles. On the flip side, if you’re currently riding heavy terrains where you encounter muddy trails and watery paths often, you can clock 50 miles and may require some special repairs.

If you’re purchasing a secondhand quad, age isn’t a fantastic indicator of just how long your system will survive. You want to find out it’s been ridden. Attempt to find a fantastic look down and assess bearings and the boots seem of just how much work that is off-road was done as a sign. Start looking for signs of tear and wear on the framework such as rust and underneath the plastics. When there is good excellent steel left to weld on, chassis rust may spell an end.

Well maintained quads could easily continue for another ten years without any major issues and some may even prolong for 20 years too. Before they go down, well-maintained quads will provide at least 6 to 8 years of good running and consistency. 

While quads can go on for a long time, riders often find them outdated and look to get their hands on the newer models out there. So, there are many chances that you can find a quad in the best conditions that can go on for a long time.

Some 1980s versions still operate like new now particularly if they’ve been kept indoors, frequently oiled and greased. But other quads with less than 6-8 years of service, they broke down and can be taken only for scrap.

When you ask professional riders about which models long last, the two names often come up are Honda and Suzuki. Especially, when you have a Suzuki engine on your ATV, you don’t need to worry about it going down sooner, as long you give it the proper attention and care.

There are a few King Quad 300s available that purr like wolves, as well as the Suzuki 450 seems as though it may go on indefinitely. Components are easily available on the market, whether they are new or used parts, hence quad repairs are becoming much cheaper and quicker.

Honda comes with a great reputation for reliability, and you can see lot of older models available for sale and also getting purchased in no time. It still shows promoted available it goes to shows that branded quads always have a great value and trust among riders.

Hondas are often the first choice quads for agricultural duties, hauling equipment and yard duties. Honda is still a reliable model among yard owners and farm owners to get things done without any hassles.

Maintaining Your ATV On Your Road/Trail

Whatever version quad you have, it is likely to last more if you take excellent care of it. Normal maintenance is essential, a few of which you can do yourself. It is a fantastic idea to have it serviced professionally in a while to be certain nothing is left outside if you’re new to ATV care.

Among the worst things about causing harm to ATV motors are dirt and dust getting into the motor. You want to modify the air filters more frequently if the ATV is used in warm weather or surroundings such as a lawn, farms, etc.

Another great enemy which may bring your own ATV into great trouble is mud. You always need to ensure the quad is properly greased to protect the bottom from sticky mud after a long ride on muddy trails. A simple wash for a couple of minutes is enough to ensure the longevity of your quad.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your ATV

Below are some tips that will help you extend the life of an ATV:

  • Make sure to follow the proper break-in procedure listed out in the owner’s manual
  • Check Oil frequently
  • Make sure to wash the ATV regularly
  • Ensure to keep a clean air filter all the time
  • Check the belt often
  • Check the nuts, bolts, and boots regularly
  • Maintain consistent tire pressure
  • Maintain an optimal coolant level