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How Many Miles Can a Subaru Legacy Last? Are They Reliable?

How Many Miles Can a Subaru Legacy Last? Are They Reliable?

The Subaru Legacy is a reliable and budget-friendly mid-size family car. It has plenty of space for all your passengers, and it comes with a variety of safety features that will keep you and your loved ones safe at all times.

The Subaru Legacy has been around since 1989, but don’t let its age fool you – this vehicle still stands out as one of the best deals on the market today.

So, how many miles can a Subaru Legacy last? If you’re lucky, and/or take care of your vehicle properly, you may be able to squeeze out 200,000 miles. With a little love and upkeep, there’s no reason why this car shouldn’t be able to last for the long haul.


Is a Subaru Legacy a reliable car

When is comes to reliability, the Subaru Legacy definitely doesn’t disappoint. Not only is the Subaru Legacy a top-rated choice for family cars, it scores high marks with both Consumer Reports and J.D. Power.

The Subaru Legacy is a car that you can depend on. This has been proven through years of reliable service, as well as its ability to handle any minor repairs with ease. Unlike many other vehicles out there, the Legacy doesn’t have major recalls or concerning problems like a lot of its competitors.

What are the worst years for the Subaru Legacy?

The worst year for the Subaru Legacy is 2015 in terms of number of complaints. The main issues were a variety of engine problems, such as failure to start. There were also recalls this year for poor electronic stability control (ESC) performance, transmission oil leaking onto the exhaust pipe which poses a fire threat and problems with the pre-collision braking system.

What are common problems with the Subaru Legacy?

The Subaru Legacy is not without its problems. The Subaru Legacy’s headlights were found to be the most-reported problem on consumer reports. This may not have been a coincidence, as many consumers reported that they had their headlight burn out shortly after buying it or just days later while driving through an area with poor lighting.

The 2011 Subaru Legacy was one of several models from various carmakers whose new generation LEDs began experiencing problems quite quickly due to early failures in manufacturing and design flaws according to a Consumer Reports’ study which analyzed more than 18 million vehicles over four years worth of data spanning model year 2009-2012.


The Subaru Legacy is a reliable car, but how long will it last? The answer to that question really depends on how you drive the vehicle. If you are gentle with your Subaru and only have one driver who never drives aggressively or overdrives the engine, then the vehicle should be able to last for 200-300k miles without any problems.

However, if you plan on driving like an aggressive racer every day and want to take shortcuts when fixing certain parts of the car (i.e., skipping oil changes), then expect your Subaru Legacy’s lifespan to decrease significantly.