How Fast Do ATVs Go?

How Fast Do ATVs Go

What most people like about quad bikes or ATVs is the speed they provide. All of us have the thirst for speed and riding a quad bike at top speed with the wind in your face is one of the best feelings you can experience. No wonder, quad bikes are such a popular item.

There are many different types and brands of quad bikes available out there. If you are aiming for speed then you need to get one of the fastest models on the market. But before that, you should have an idea about the maximum speed you can achieve from these vehicles.

If you are wondering how fast do ATVs go then you are in the right place.


How Fast Do Quad Bikes/ATVs go? 

The first thing that will cross your mind after buying a quad bike is how fast it can go? You don’t get to ride such vehicles every day and therefore, you are not used to such speed either. 

If you have already bought the vehicle, all you need to do is find out its speed. But in case, you are in the process of buying a new one then you need to do your research right. Before you invest in a quad bike, you need to have an idea of the maximum speed you can achieve. You need to make sure that you don’t disappointed with its performance!

The top speed ATVs can reach is up to 55 to 90 mph. These vehicles are usually between 200 ccs and 90 ccs. However, for an average model, the speed is 50 mph. To get the higher speeds of 80 to 90 mph then you need an ATV with a  bigger engine.

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But if this doesn’t satisfy your hunger for speed, you can go for models that provide you with more speed. For example, ATVs like the Yamaha Banshee can offer you a speed of up to 100 mph. You should know though that this is the speed limit for a bike made for adults. Quad bikes for kids usually have a lower speed limit. Most of them provide you with a 30 mph limit and not much more than that.

From the above discussion, you know that there are different speed ranges. Therefore, you need to choose your model after careful research. The model you will choose depends on your speed requirement. With technological advancement, a lot of improvement has been made in quad bikes and this has provided better performing and faster vehicles to use.

The speed of quad bikes is dependent on various factors. To push your quad bike to the limit, you need to drive it on a long, flat road. Your quad bike may fail to max out if you come across a sharp incline. Another factor that could affect the top speed of your vehicle is altitude. The higher you go, the lesser the quantity of oxygen in the air and this reduces the speed of an ATV bike.

Fastest Quad Bikes/ATVs Available 

Many brands are known to manufacture the fastest ATV quad bike out there. But two of the models that rank higher than any other models are listed below. These are the top speed models in the world of fast quad bikes. If speed is what you are looking for, then either of these models could be the perfect choice for you.

Yamaha Banshee


Yamaha Banshee

Yamaha has always been a top choice for people wanting to buy the fastest ATVs. They have some of the best models on the market today. But you want the best then the Yamaha Banshee is the option for you. This is one powerhouse of a vehicle with a top speed of 100 mph. The speed can go up to 115 mph when driven in suitable conditions.

It is mainly popular because of its high performing 2-stroke engine. The sad thing is that the company had discontinued its production. For the time that it was in the market, it impressed every rider out there. The Banshee is one of the last models with a 2-stroke engine. Even to this day, the model is quite popular among riders.

Polaris Slingshot


Polaris Slingshot

The next best model would be Polaris Slingshot. This ATV model is not only known for its top speed but also its stylish looks. The attractive design of the ATV is the first thing that you will notice about this model.

This is one of the more expensive options you have in the market today but It can get up to speeds of 100 mph without any problem.

How to make your quad bike/ATV faster. What are the options? 

What about the ATV owners who do not have the fastest model? How do they make their quad bike faster? Well, there are a few ways which you can increase the speed of your vehicle. But the method you choose is ultimately dependent on your budget. 

The best way to boost the speed of your quad bike is to replace its engine with a new one. This will cost you a bit extra but at the end of the day, it is worth it. You need to get an engine that is compatible with your quad bike. If you are a handy mechanic then this could be a DIY job, otherwise, its something for your local mechanic to tackle.