Best Way to Buy a Jeep Wrangler: Things You Should Know


So you just decided, you are in the market to buy a new or used Jeep Wrangler, however, you are just unsure where to start your search. The Jeep Wrangler is great for on and off road excursions and is usually priced at affordable rate that most people can actually afford. In fact, it is one of the most reasonably priced all terrain vehicles.


There are so many great ways to buy the Jeep Wrangler you have been dying to own. The best way to buy a jeep is really based on what you are looking for and your overall budget. If you break that down, it means if you do the research, you will buy the best Jeep for you. Once you have a concept  and know the facts of what you for what you want in your next off road vehicle you can narrow down your search and find your dream Jeep.


Do The Research

We live in the era where we can google just about anything. This means your best resource for buying a jeep is going to be the internet. You should research where to buy a jeep wrangler in your area. Be sure to look on Craigslist for anyone selling jeeps locally to you. Sometimes, Facebook advertising sites are great resources, as well.


Also, check out dealerships in your area. Don’t forget to look at Blue Book Values. The Blue Book will give you a good idea of price ranges so you can decide on a budget later

on in the process. While researching where to buy Jeeps, also think about features and styles that will work for you. Buying a jeep is just like buying any other vehicle, the better prepared you are the more likely you will find the Jeep Wrangler that works for your lifestyle. The more research you do, the better purchasing decision you will make it in the end. This doesn’t mean it has to be indepth research, but you should know what is on the market and the best prices for a Jeep Wrangler.


Decide What You What

Are you looking for a brand new Jeep Wrangler with all the bells and whistles? Brand new jeeps are great and can be found at any dealership. Or maybe you want to go with an older model and customize it to your liking? You can find older models on Facebook want ads, Craigslist or just from seeing for sale signs when you are out and about. Then take the time to decide what you want in mileage, whether you want a hard top or soft and any other features you are interested in. Do you know what trim you want? When it comes to trims, the Jeep Wrangler comes in three different basic trims: Sport, Rubicon and Sahara. There are some sub-trims, as well, but they are based off of these three basic trims. Another thing to consider is do you want a manual or an automatic? Next, don’t forget to decide on specifics like what specific color would you like? Take a minute and write down anything that would make your next jeep wrangler your dream jeep. Keep in mind when you start looking to buy your jeep, you may not find everything on that list, however, you will have to decide on what are the key items you need in your jeep. If you are unsure of what you want, get on the internet and look up features a jeep can have. There are websites that will let you build a Jeep to your liking.


Decide On Your Budget

After looking at Blue Book Values, decide on a budget you can afford and stick to it.  Your budget should be somewhat flexible by a few hundred dollars either way, but never go way out of your price range. This means have a maximum and minimum budget price in mind. This will keep you from overspending. The key is to finding the best vehicle for you at a price you can afford. Never buy a vehicle that may be reach for you financially, this will only set you up for issues later. If you are thinking about financing a jeep, check with the dealership to see if you qualify and what premiums you can afford. You could possibly get a loan at a great deal if you shop around. You can also consider leasing a vehicle, however, if you are wanting to customize your jeep this may not be a great option for you.


Choosing Your Jeep

Once you have done a little research and decided on a budget, it’s time to start looking at jeeps. Find a few jeeps you would like to go look at from online,  private owners or jeep dealerships. You can also do a Jeep build sheet and look for Jeeps with that build


in your area. It all depends on how custom or factory you want to go. Be sure to ask for a Carfax on any car you are buying, most dealerships will give you this information freely. A Carax will let you know the history of the car, how many owners had it before you and if it has been in any accidents, so it is good information on the car that you may

want to know before you buy. If you are are buying from a private owner, you may not get a Carfax from them, which is one negative to buying privately. However, a private owner may have all the records from oil changes and maintenance done on a car, so be sure to ask that when buying privately. All in all, choose a Jeep Wrangler that makes you happy and fits into your way of life.


Always Have A Mechanic Look At It

Once you have found a Jeep Wrangler that you love, be sure to have a professional mechanic look it over. Write down anything that may cause alarm or be an issue in the future with the car. Bring this up with the owner or dealership. If there is nothing wrong with the Jeep, that’s awesome. If there are a few things wrongs, especially in used Jeep decide if it is a deal breaker or something you can deal with. If you decide this is the Jeep Wrangler for you, it’s time to negotiate on the price.


Negotiate Price

There are a lot of factors that go into price. Think about how much money you will put down, if you are trading in another vehicle and if there is any issues with the vehicle that can help you get a better deal. Dealerships typically are willing to negotiate prices. The rule of thumb is never to go with there first price. Tell them you are still in the research process and you will have to look at other dealerships before you make such a big purchase. In doing this, they may offer you another price. If not, go on to another dealership. You can always come back to this one if you don’t find a Jeep Wrangler you like. However, the beauty of negotiating a price is that you meet in the middle and find a price that both seller and buyer can agree upon.



There is absolutely no wrong way to buy a Jeep. The best way to buy a Jeep is based on good research and finding a vehicle that meets your needs and price range. If you take the time to put in the research you will be happy with your final decision. If you haven’t found the Jeep Wrangler after you want after going through this process widen your search area. Buying any vehicle is not an overnight process. Sometimes it may take a little while before you find the right one.