Best UTV for Mud: What to Look For

UTV in mud

Best UTV for Mud: What to Look ForMud UTVs are unlike most other ATVs on the market. In fact, they have been designed in a slightly different way. A UTV designed for mud may not perform all the well in other areas. On this page, people can learn exactly what to look for when looking for the best UTV for mud.

What to look for when choosing a UTV for use in mud

There are several things that will need to be considered when looking for the best UTV for mud.

UTV in mud

The Tires

The main concern for a mud UTV will be the choice of tires.

Mud tires are specialist. They are bulky, and they are designed to ensure that the ATV can travel through the mud with ease. While mud tires could feasibly be fitted on most UTVs, it is not recommended. This is because many ATVs do not have the power behind them to drive mud tires. In fact, many UTVs will have weak tire axles, which can drastically reduce the lifespan if mud tires are attached.

Ideally, a person would select a UTV that has mud tires on it already, or if the manufacturer actively markets that mud tires can be attached to it.

The power

Getting through mud is difficult. Very difficult. An UTV will need to have a huge amount of power behind it to ensure that it doesn’t get stuck in the mud. It also will need to have a huge amount of power to ensure that the bulkier tires can be driven at high speeds.

The higher the HP and the better the engine, the better the ATV will be for mudding. This, of course, will mean that a person may need to spend a bit more money on the best UTV for mud, but it will be worth it for the better experience that it offers.


The best models for mud will have a decent suspension in place. This will help to make the ride across the mud a little bit smoother. It is also important for safe driving.

Due to the higher speed that UTVs will need to tackle the stickiest of mud, it can be quite easy for a person to lose control of the vehicle if they are not careful. This means that the ride needs to be as smooth as possible. If it isn’t, then it would take a huge amount of skill to drive the UTV.

Higher Snorkel

The purpose of a snorkel on a UTV is to help to keep the engine and other important components of the vehicle free of water.

Anybody selecting a UTV for mud will want to choose a vehicle that has a higher snorkel. This helps to keep the components dry, even in the toughest of mud conditions.


Better UTVs for mud tend to be heavier. This is, in part, due to the tires that they have attached to them. However, the heaviness will also provide a bit more stability while on the mud. This will make them a lot easier to ride.


The best mud ATVs will sit a little higher. This will allow them to travel over mud nice and quickly. The last thing people want is for the bottom of their ATV to be dragged along the mud, after all. This will increase the risk of getting stuck. It also increases the risk of mud and water getting into the vehicle components.

The Clutch

Mud ATVs will need to have a special mud-focused clutch installed. A standard clutch won’t quite perform on mud. This is because mud ATV use requires a high number of revs. A poor quality clutch will be quickly ground up by the high revs. The drive belt will die pretty quickly after too.

While a person could install a specialist mud clutch into their vehicle at some point, it is probably best to start by buying an ATV that already has one fitted. This means that everything will be ready to go. It also means that a person will not be voiding their manufacturer’s warranty by installing ‘aftermarket’ parts.


UTVs for mud tend to have lower gearing ratios. This is important for mud use, where most of the time a rider will only ever be in a low gear. It ensures a higher number of revs. Lower gears are also a lot better at pulling the huge weights that mud ATVs have.

It is very rare that people will ever need to use a mud ATV at a high gear. This is mostly going to be for use on the road, and people that are mudding tend not to be doing that all that often. A good sign that an ATV has been designed for mud is if it has a low gear.


Finding a quality ATV for mud can be difficult. However, as long as a person sticks to the better manufacturers, and opts for models that have been specifically labelled as ‘for mudding’, it won’t be long before they end up with an ATV that is perfect for them.


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