Best UTV for Jumping: What to Look For

Best UTV for jumping

Jumping is incredibly fun to do with a UTV. Finding the best UTV for jumping can be tough, though. This is because UTVs are never really marketed as being for jumping. It is more of a ‘side benefit’, and a buyer will need to look at the features of a UTV in a bit more depth to find out whether it is the right UTV for them.

What to Look for When Choosing a UTV for Jumping

There are several things that will need to be considered when choosing the best UTV for jumping. It is important for people to remember that jumping in a UTV is a lot harder than jumping in an ATV. This is because the rider cannot use their body weight to help land the jump. While driving skill will be a major factor in whether the UTV lands well or not, the build will also play a huge role.

The weight

Lighter UTVs will travel further on the jump. It is as simple as that. If the rider is regularly jumping, and wants to get some distance, then the best UTV for jumping will be the lighter models. Big, bulky UTVs tend not to work as well for jumping. Sure, a rider will gain a little bit of distance, but it just isn’t enough for it to be fun.

UTV racing

That being said, lighter UTVs for jumping will require a lot more skill on the part of the rider. This is because they are a lot easier to flip on the jump. Newer UTV jumpers may find that a middle-weight UTV may be a little bit better for their needs. It won’t jump as well, but it will enable the rider to really nail their technique before they graduate to an even lighter model.


UTVs will come down from a jump rather heavy. This can be uncomfortable, not just for the rider, but also for the ATV.

A good UTV for jumping will have a decent suspension system. It needs to be able to absorb the shocks from the constant jumping. A poor suspension system will turn jumping from something that is fun to something that a rider really doesn’t want to do. It will also likely shorten the lifespan of the UTV, because there will now be more stress placed on the components, in particular the wheel axles.


UTVs for jumping need to have a lot of power behind them. In order to jump successfully, the rider needs to be at full power at the end of the ramp. So, the greater the speed of the UTV, the better and further the jump will be. Slow UTVs will be unlikely to make jumps.

A buyer should look for a UTV with a quality engine to ensure that it has the power required for jumping.


Shorter UTVs tend to gain a lot more distance on jumps. This is because if the ramp is shorter than the UTV, the back will ‘kick up’, and this can cause the jump to fail. It will also run the risk of flipping the UTV.

Ease of Control

The key to making a successful jump with a UTV will be to approach the jump at the correct angle. If the rider is unable to approach the jump head-on, then the jump may fail. It may even cause the UTV to flip, and that could be dangerous.

Since riders will be approaching jumps at a high speed, they will need to select a UTV that is very responsive. A rider will need to be able to make minute adjustments to their approach angle in mere seconds. This means that the UTV needs to have a good and responsive steering system in place. Having a lighter UTV will help to some degree here, but a buyer should always try to purchase a UTV from a manufacturer with a range that has been designed for ‘sports’. They have better control at faster speeds.


Many people that regularly jump on their UTV will tend to favor lower gearing. It will allow them to drive a little bit faster. It will also make the hill climb into the jump a little bit easier. However, since most people that are jumping on their UTV will not only be jumping, it probably wouldn’t be wise to choose a UTV that only has low gear ratios. This is why sport UTVs are ideal. They have the perfect balance between low and high gear ratios.


While UTVs tend not to be marketed as ‘jump UTVs’, finding the best UTV for jumping shouldn’t be too difficult. As long as a buyer opts for a lightweight UTV that offers quality suspension and is easy to control, then they will end up with something that is reasonable enough for jumping large distances. All they need to do is ensure that they stick to some of the bigger manufacturers out there.

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