Best Jeep CB Radio and Antenna: Buying Guide


There is a pretty good chance that you played with a CB radio at some point during your childhood. You probably had fun with it. However, you need to understand that a CB radio can be very beneficial. It can still be fun to chat with other Wrangler owners and truckers in your area. Yet, it can be far more beneficial than that. With a CB radio, you’ll be able to get assistance when you need it. You can also use it to learn about the weather and road conditions ahead. Within this guide, you’re going to learn how to choose the best Jeep CB radio for your vehicle!

The Size

First and foremost, you’ll need to think about the size of the CB radio. You’re going to want to install the CB right around your conventional radio or CD player. This will give you immediate access to the device. It is true that bigger CB radios tend to be more powerful. They have a better sound quality most of the time. However, you might not be better off with a bigger unit. Take some measurements and make sure that the radio is going to fit into your Jeep without being an obstruction.

Once it has been installed, it shouldn’t prevent you from doing anything that you normally would, such as changing the station or moving your arm freely.


In order to get a good performance with any CB, you’re going to need a good antenna. Most of the units out there will have the same power output. However, there are some variations in the operating range and signal clarity. The antenna will likely be the most important component of all. Getting the antenna installed right will make a key difference too. Investing in a radio with a SWR or standing wave ratio meter can help significantly.


It is also a good idea to take the CB’s weight into consideration when making your purchase. A heavy unit isn’t a bad thing, but it can be problematic for some people. This is definitely the case if you intend to use the CB in several different vehicles. The weight is also going to play a role in determining where you’ll be able to install the CB. If it is too heavy, you might have to buy a rack to support it.

Cord Lengths

The cord lengths might seem like a small factor, but it is actually vital. Getting your CB installed is going to be impossible if the cords are too short. Make sure that you have plenty of cord and don’t need to add more along the way. Also, you should look at the microphone. When you’re driving, you want to be able to quickly and easily grab the microphone and use it. If the cord is too short, this might not be possible. Of course, you don’t want too much cord either. Otherwise, it’ll become a burden.

Noise Filter

Some CB radios come with noise filtering functions. As the name suggests, this feature is capable of reducing extraneous noise, which can be caused by the environment or static. In return, you’re going to receive a much better reception. The noise filter will definitely increase the price tag slightly. Nevertheless, this is one of the best features to have if you want to ensure that others are able to hear you loud and clearly.


Most CB radios are going to come with 40 channels or so. This will include weather and emergency channels. For a hobbyist, this should be sufficient. However, some people will actually want more. Having additional channels will give you the ability to chat with small groups of people. That is why you might want to invest in a multichannel CB. With this type of radio, you’re going to have the conventional 40 channels and you’ll also be able to program other channels. This won’t be a necessity for most Jeep owners, but some will want it anyway.

NOAA Weather Channels

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, better known as NOAA, was specially created to provide Americans dangerous weather warnings. When you are riding around in your Jeep, a storm could be moving in quickly. If you do not have access to a NOAA weather channel, you will be caught out in the storm, which could be a very dangerous situation. Today, most CB radios have anywhere from five to 10 or even more NOAA weather channels. Just flip to one of these channels to hear the real-time weather forecast and stay updated on upcoming dangerous weather conditions.

Remote Mount Design

It is highly likely that you are interested in a CB radio that has a remote mount design. This design is very compact, making it ideal for Jeeps. If you are accustomed to transporting more than three or four passengers around all the time, you will definitely appreciate this design.


A good warranty is key to avoiding a financial loss associated with a poorly designed and damaged CB radio. Without this guarantee, you could potentially lose all of the money invested in your new CB radio. Only consider brands that offer a good warranty. Now, it is not likely to find a brand that is willing to include a lifetime warranty with their CB radios. So, you will probably have to settle for a 2- or 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, this should not deter you from doing research to find the brands that offer the best warranties.

LCD Display

In the past, CB radios were not designed with an LCD display. Today, most brands do have an LCD display. Unlike the control knobs, the display offers more accuracy and allows to clearly see which channel you are tuned into. The LCD display may be located on the microphone or the base. The location is not an issue as long as it provides you with the information necessary to program the unit.

Easy Installation

Older CB radio models were extremely difficult to install. You could spend hours splicing, attaching and taping wires together. Today, most models are designed to offer easy installation. Of course, you will need to connect the CB to a power supply and install an antenna, before it will work properly. However, be sure to take the difficulty of the installation into consideration, when shopping for a Jeep CB radio.